Friday, July 27, 2012

Nova FAQ - THE BAR is drafted


I wrote a small rant (thinking out loud really) about the NOVA setting the bar for rules going forward. I have been waiting for the FAQ to be released to see how they rule on several things because as I pointed out before even if it isn't the long running standard. What Nova does will set the tone for the average until something clearly needs to be changed. So again expect rules arguments to end with... "But Nova ruled this way" lol They actually have a blurb that specifically states it is not intended for use in this way and is solely intended to be used for the NOVA event. However I know that locally it will most likely be used as a starting point for local FAQ's

 Nova is a well run event that garners and DESERVES much respect for the work put into it. This is why its ruling carry so much weight in my opinion.

Mike has released a draft version of the FAQ in the spirit of giving people as much time as possible to get ready for his event. Something I applaud.

So let's look at a few things..

One I want to point out the Judge Policy Mike empowers his Judges in full extend and gives them the ability to make you restart a game OR grant someone a automatic loss if caught repeatedly having problems. Judges have final say basically which all events should do.

-Allied IC's can NEVER embark on Allied transports period.
            So even with Battle brothers they have clearly pointed out this is not  going to fly. So no mix and matching uber units and putting them in your Storm Raven or Land Raider or etc.... I think its nice to have this in clear black and white.

-The clarification of the above rule also states that you CAN attach a Archon to a Eldar unit and use fortune on it. Clearing up another online argument clearly in black and white. This was a hugely argued issue online and is one of those things where honestly it doesn't matter what you rule as long as you pick a side before hand and make everyone aware for the event. I don't see a problem with the combo personally it appears to work RAW and could be argued RAI since they are BB.

FLYERs are defended

-This is a big one, the FAQ states that only shooting attacks that can be RESOLVED as a snap shot are able to hit flyers. So initially no Blood Lance for example.

-Also it states that no modifiers are able to stack onto your BS during snapshot, so you always use BS1. the only exception to this is skyfire.

-Also states that unless your unit entry states you have flakk missiles you don't have them...

       This is outstanding IMO, it defends the new direction the game is going and again seems to side with how I personally see the rules are currently. I think if you rule against the rule book on the way flyers work you risk pretty much removing flyers completely from the game rather quickly. Flyers for the most part don't have good armor and over all live and die because they are hard to hit. Being that Nova is going to be the first event to set precedence I was glad to see they didn't side with making a flyer easier to kill.

-Psychic power stacking has been approved as a go. They are ruling that two different units can cast the same power on a unit and stack its modifiers.

     This is a issue we have discussed locally often I believe off the top of my head that it does state in the powers section that you can never use a power to take a stat below 1 or above 10. So the question was right away how do Rad grenades work into that? It was purposed that since if you lower the stats before the assault with other powers when you assault with rad grenades which have no limitation on not taking a stat below 1 you could in theory make something toughness 0. Which in the BRB says it dies so you could again in theory possibly win assault without actually attacking... This is why this ruling was discussed locally for events however I personally think you are talking the perfect storm of things happening to pull this off. So I don't see this as a big deal. Cute if you can do it but not reliable in the least.. I again personally side with Nova on the issue there is no reason powers shouldn't stack in my mind. If you want to bring tons of random table generating units as your strategy knock yourself out.. just don't be sad face if you play against Eldar or SW. 

--Flying MCs that are swooping basically never get actually grounded they are ruling this by RAW. So basically you have to take a grounding check every time you take a wound but always need to be hit VIA snapfire.

  This is a poorly written rule is all and NOVA has decided to side with RAW rather than add anything. Its not horrible however I find it amusing that this rule means Flying MC's will do better in some match ups as they will be harder to hit and worse in others since they will take extra wounds if you are able to hit them easily.

The FAQ then goes into a each codex here are some quick highlights

BA says Blood lance can only hit flyers if the unit has gained Skyfire when he is shooting it.

DA says Master of the RavenWing gets 4 hull points.. although in fairness they admit this is a complete guess based on other vehicles.

SW Jaws may not be drawn across friendly models
Lone Wolves retain the KP denial ability.. so if he lives your opponent gets VP if he dies you they don't
and clearly SW are the anti psychic hunters in the game because you may use the staff, talisman, and Deny the witch rolls to attempt to stop the same power.

Unholy might has been ruled to be a profile change and not a modifier.

Grey Knights
assaulting with nades does reduce the entire unit you assault to init one not just the justicar
Mind missiles perils are resolved against one model in the unit at random.

States that you cannot use Fortune on a Dark Eldar unit.

Models removed form play do not get Ever living
Models lose init value as they touch base with models with whip coils. (basically you move into assault at init step pile in then don't attack until init 1 after you have moved)
Death ray can only hit ground or air units in one shooting phase not both.. You have to choose, which is honestly how skyfire works anyway.
Mind shackle happen at the start of assault same as challenge, it doesn't wait until the challenge so if you are not in base to base with the IC he won't be the one you hit with Mindshackle the first round.
Mind in the machine now works inside the barge again!!

Battlesuits count for 50percent points if you eject out.. (amusing)
Markelights do not improve snapshots.

So honestly over all I agree with the direction they are going for the most part and can't wait to see the entire document. I'll again do a quick rant about it once it is fully released and out of draft form.



  1. Interesting the contrast in your view of it with mine...

    1. Hey TKE,

      I didn't read your post at all before brain dumping this, I kind of was just thinking out loud as I went through the document then have been busy so didn't get a chance to jump around the blog sphere until today. =P Having now read your posts I don't know that our views are contrasting I just get the impression we are approaching it differently(and feel free to correct me if I am wrong)

      I was simply going through the document, and making some comments on a few ruling and then I was pointing out some that I thought you should know going into Nova for the armies. Understanding that this is a draft and that Mike is the first event for 6th I really don't have any specific expectation. When I read your posts It reads more like a open letter to Mr. Brandt about issues you are specifically looking for more clarity on. I assume several people are arguing sides and bringing up issues for him to address. I am simply again speaking up a bit about what is already in the document. You bring up several issues that I found interesting or was wondering about, but I can't help that people are expecting a bit much from Mike. I feel its honestly more of GW's responsibility to address things in that detail and really Mike only has time to address as many issues as possible before hand.

      Unless I misunderstand and you completely disagree with some of my comments about how Flyers are being defending or some ruling in general? Either way I read most of your posts and am glad you are making a effort to post more often on your personal site.

    2. Its supposed to say "can't help but feel people are expecting a bit much from Mike." Stupid lack of edit... lol


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