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6e and 5e comparisons: Assault

DFK! again:

So I undertook a venture to compare shooting and assault mechanics between two squads in 5e and 6e rules.  My friend Kaffis and I sat down to compare his sisters and a squad of jump pack templars with a Chaplain HQ.  No, the comparison is not point balanced.  It isn't meant to be.  The point is just to see what the results look like.  We messed up a couple things along the way just from getting our rules crossed, but check out the play-by-play below.  I'll tell you when I messed something up.


Here's the two WYSIWYG sample groups: 5 Templar jump marines on left, 2x plasma pistols, a storm shield, a power fist, and a Chaplain

On the right, some battle sisters, with rhino, 10 sisters, one vet, a melta and a heavy flamer

 Assaulting in 5e:

Our forces line up on opposing sides.  There is no premeasuring, so while I eyeball the BT distance and think I'm good, I declare the charge.

I'm good!  Closest model is within 6".

 I move everybody up the full 6" charge distance, following the charge rules to get models into base contact.
 The sisters pile in, up to 6", per the 5e pile in rules:
 Jump chaplain is I5 and gets 6 attacks... 3 base, 1 for having 2x CCW, 1 for charging, and 1 for Terminator Honours.  He also gets to reroll on the charge, both because he's a chaplain and because in 5e the only way you EVER run Black Templars is with the Accept Any Challenge vow, granting preferred enemy.  This means he hits with all 6 after the reroll.:
 Now he rolls to wound.  He's S4, they're T3, so 3+ will do it.  Garbage roll though, and he only kills two, which Kaffis allocates to two generate Space Hooker Nuns in the back of the squad (he didn't make his 6+ Invulnerable save for either):
 Next is all the boys on I4, or namely 2 plasma pistols, a generic templar, and the guy on the right with a storm shield.  3 attacks each except for Mr. 3++:
 These guys roll their attacks, and get a reroll as well, hitting on 3+ each time.  In the end, 2 misses out of 11 attacks (left) but poor wound rolls means only 6 wounds (right).

 So now, Kaffis allocates the 6 wounds, separating them into groups based upon the gear his Nun Space Hookers are carrying, so you'll see one flamer wound (orange die) and 5 standard girlies.  He then fails two.

 He is down 4 models at this point.
 Now he fights back, purple dice are in BTB with the Chaplain only, and must direct their attacks at him.
 He hits with 3 and then (lucky for him) wounds with all 3, including one on the Chaplain.  I allocate:
 And then, as is normal for me when saving with my assault templars, I fail all 3 damned wounds:

 As you can see, that leaves me with two down and a wound on the Chaplain (purple die).  Now the fist goes (white dice).

 After the re-roll, he hits with both, wounds with both, and Kaffis fails to make his 6++ with both.  Two more Nunny Sisters in Space down!  As you can see, resolution is therefore 6 v 3, or winning by 3.

 He rolls his morale and fails, rolling a natural 8 yet needing 6.
 It's therefore time for sweeping advance, where I once again roll garbage while he rolls well, getting away.

 He falls back THIIIIIIIIS much.
 Whereas I consolidate into coherency.

Final outcome, 4 sisters under 50% strength, running away. 

Assaulting in 6e:

So here we are, lined up again, essentially the same marching order.  Only now, it's 6th Edition time baby!

I get to premeasure.  The Sister Space Sisters are about 7" away, untouchable in 5e but now with an average roll I can get it done. So I declare my charge! (Cue trumpet blast)
 Oh, snap!  (No pun intended)  The Sisterly Space Ladies declare their overwatch and get to Snap Shot at me.  They'll use BS1 and get 1d3 auto-hits for each flamer (or heavy flamer in this case).
 After the roll to hit and the 1d3 roll for the flamers, he comes away with 4 hits, which garner him 2 wounds.

 Now in 5e, I'd take that on a generic dude and maybe the chaplain.  This time, I MUST allocate it on the closest guy, the Storm Shield man.  Luckily, he saves both.

 Now I roll to charge and get 8", a decent roll and move my closest guy to his closest, just like 5th edition.
 I keep moving the rest of my guys after that, winding up with the front 3 in base contact.  Because they have jump packs that I'm using on the assault, I my Hammer of Awesome Auto-Hits attacks for each guy in base contact at their BASE strength:
 I wind up with only one wound, which Kaffis saves.  Now it's on to Ol' Chaplain Skull Helmet, on I5.  But wait, I could issue a challenge with him.  Do I want to?  Hell no, I want him to make all his attacks.  I don't have a sergeant, because templars just roll like that, so no charges to be made.

On the other hand, Kaffis doesn't want the Chaplain rolling attacks Like a Boss and killing his whole squad, so he DOES make a challenge with his Vet Sister.  I don't wanna lost the Chaplain's contribution all together, so I accept the challenge and his vet switches places to fight.  They go from the layout on the left to the layout on the right:

So the Chaplain got 6 attacks last edition.  Now he gets 8!  3 base, 1 for paired weapons, 1 for charging, and 1 for Terminator Honours and now he has Rage instead of Preferred Enemy, thanks to the FAQ changes to the BT codex and the BT vows.
 Rerolls to hit still, thanks to Liturgies of Hate.  His Crozius is now a Power Maul, giving him +2 S but only AP4, so anything but 1 will wound, and after all that he yields 4 wounds to the Vet Sister:

She fails more than one, and ends up keeeeled.  However, none of the extra failures roll over to the squad, so she succeeded in protecting them.

Now comes the Pile in for I4 (the Chaplain didn't pile in on I5, because he was already in BTB contact).  You pile in up to 3" now, on your Initiative pass.
 So after the I4 pile-in, here's the layout.  Notice the fist Templar still unengaged, as well as more than half the sister squad:
 Again, the templars get more attacks this time thanks to Rage:
 Officially a "bajillion" attacks with re-rolls thanks to Litanies of Hate and Rage, 3+ to hit and 3+ to wound.  In the end, 14 wounds:
 Now in 6th edition, it doesn't really matter what gear you have or if they're Independent Characters or not (unless they're in a challenge).  What matters is what kind of save you have.  All of Kaffis' sisters have a 3+ save see rolls them all at once.

 He fails 4, so those are allocated to the closest models first.... the 3 in base contact then 1 more.  Note that he has already lost special weapons and his character due to this allocation.

Now the Sisters, who go on I3, make their 3" pile in move:
 Battle layout at this point, prior to the Sister's rolling to hit:
 5 attacks (one per sister) at 4+ to hit and 5+ to wound yields one wound.  My dudes all have equal saves (3+) as well, so I allocate that to the nearest model.  Since the nearest you can get is BTB contact and there are multiple templars in BTB contact, I get to choose which one takes the wound, and give it to the generic templar with no special weapons.
 Naturally, I fail the save, and he falls down.
 Finally, the I1 pile-in moves occur, bringing my Templar with a P-fist into the fray, with his 4 attacks, thanks to Rage.

Four attacks with rerolls to hit, anything but 1's to wound, yields me 3 AP2 wounds, which Kaffis can attempt to save with hit 6++ on the sisters. However, he fails all 3.  These get allocated to the model's closest to the person striking at that initiative.  See the dice layout below:
 Those three die (on left) so combat resolution looks like this (on right)

The purple dice are his morale roll, which he fails since at a -7 modifier he needs snake eyes.

 Next we test initiative for Sweeping advance.  He rolls a majestic 6 and I roll a paltry 3, giving him 9 to my 8, and he gets away.
 He runs a massive 12 inches away (top orange dice) and I consolidate a powerful 4" (grey die at bottom).

In the end, you can see how different the outcomes are for both, how the order of your units matters more, and how it's going to be harder to keep guys equipped with key wargear alive.  What are your thoughts on how to get your marching order together?

Keep an eye out for a comparison of shooting and assaulting vehicles, coming soon.

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  1. Yeah, next time we do illustrated examples, I'll make sure my proper camera is charged. The tablet cam takes decent shots, but you can tell when you got too close for it to focus.

    Also, you not being able to settle on what order to use the words "Space", "Hooker", and "Nuns" throughout the post gave me a chuckle.

    In any event, this really has me looking forward to getting a full game in. It's definitely a different landscape, and I look forward to putting some theory about movement to protect or explicitly threaten individual models within the squad into practice. 5th Edition's movement had long since started to bore me, and now, I'm much more interested in that phase. Success for GW?


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