Saturday, July 28, 2012

Cool Mini or Not 12.30

New update from Cool Mini or not this week with more of the Nude studies, as well as some Great stuff from SWM. Enjoy the weekly eye candy update and as always for more info head over to Cool Mini or Not

Friday, July 27, 2012

Nova FAQ - THE BAR is drafted


I wrote a small rant (thinking out loud really) about the NOVA setting the bar for rules going forward. I have been waiting for the FAQ to be released to see how they rule on several things because as I pointed out before even if it isn't the long running standard. What Nova does will set the tone for the average until something clearly needs to be changed. So again expect rules arguments to end with... "But Nova ruled this way" lol They actually have a blurb that specifically states it is not intended for use in this way and is solely intended to be used for the NOVA event. However I know that locally it will most likely be used as a starting point for local FAQ's

 Nova is a well run event that garners and DESERVES much respect for the work put into it. This is why its ruling carry so much weight in my opinion.

Mike has released a draft version of the FAQ in the spirit of giving people as much time as possible to get ready for his event. Something I applaud.

So let's look at a few things..

Thursday, July 26, 2012

The Emperor's Chosen 04

The Emperor's Chosen is about highlighting some of the great content that fellow bloggers post online. Everyone's life can be a little hectic from time to time to have caught everything posted. Plus there is honestly a ton of content released every week. So here are a few great posts in case you missed them.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

A Farewell to 5th

<Re-post from STC where I guest write, all guest articles will always be reposted here with a delay from other sites so you don't have to jump around to follow my content. Also to keep a record of things I wrote>

As we sift through the new rule book pondering, weak and weary, over many a quaint and curious volume of forgotten lore. Trying to grasp the intricacies of the new rule book like a teenage boy studying a super model poster, Lest we forget while looking at the new Shit, the long hard road that got us here.

We all travelled the lonely road of 5th but it’s the only one we knew, but at the end of what any Nid players will call a boulevard of broken dreams we have a new edition. But like many of you out there I was unable to jump head first into the new rules right away because I still had one final event using the dusty tomes of old.

Each of us have a story about our last game or games of 5th edition, this is mine. You think you know… but you have no idea.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Cool Mini or Not 12.29

Huge picture update this week from Cool mini or not. Tons of great models new or back in stock. Enjoy the weekly eye candy.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Who the $%&# is Drkmorals?

<Re-post from STC where I guest write, all guest articles will always be reposted here with a delay from other sites so you don't have to jump around to follow my content. Also to keep a record of things I wrote>

Greetings fellow Xenos and Inquisitors, hobbyist and competitive gamer's, Strippers and Frat boys.. (What ? Strippers might be reading this they are people too)

My name is Charles AKA Drkmorals My stomping grounds are currently Dayton Ohio or as I like to call it the land of corn and never ending road construction. I started really tinkering with this gateway drug that GW calls a game around the end of 4th edition. The edition if I remember right in which every vehicle was a flaming metal box of doom for the people riding inside. I started getting more serious about the game and more involved though about 3 years back and will admit I have been for the most part more of a competitive gamer than a hobbyist.. Don't judge me we all start someplace right?

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Will NOVA set the BAR?

As we head into our new edition there has been cries of the sky falling as people argue over allies, 2 FOC’s, fortifications, and the random objectives/terrain. People are picking a side and standing firm on what you should be allowed and not allowed to take in an event of various types.

Nova is one of the first large established GT’s to go into 6th edition so they had to make some calls that may or may not last the test of time. I understand that they have time constraint so they had to make choices if for nothing else to have a standard. However Nova is one of those events that will sway other events going forward. So I have been waiting to see what exactly they decided.

Some notes

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Cool Mini or Not 12.28

Cool mini or not News letter full of pictures of new released content and awesome models as usual. Click the jump to start the drooling.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Standard Template Construct….

Despite reports I yet live…..

Haven’t had near the hobby or blog time I would like. I have been super busy with all kinds of things including real life and side projects. (Who knew that having a third child would eat up so much time? Baby technology hasn’t advanced much you still have to feed and help the little things do everything? )

Starting to work on a new project which I hope will be great for the community; we have a group of talented guys getting together and heading up a new blog to focus on doing some cool positive and inspiring stuff for the community. I encourage you guys to head over and check it out, keep an eye on it, and even “follow” the site as it grows.

Friday, July 6, 2012

6e and 5e comparisons: Assault

DFK! again:

So I undertook a venture to compare shooting and assault mechanics between two squads in 5e and 6e rules.  My friend Kaffis and I sat down to compare his sisters and a squad of jump pack templars with a Chaplain HQ.  No, the comparison is not point balanced.  It isn't meant to be.  The point is just to see what the results look like.  We messed up a couple things along the way just from getting our rules crossed, but check out the play-by-play below.  I'll tell you when I messed something up.


Here's the two WYSIWYG sample groups: 5 Templar jump marines on left, 2x plasma pistols, a storm shield, a power fist, and a Chaplain

On the right, some battle sisters, with rhino, 10 sisters, one vet, a melta and a heavy flamer

Sunday, July 1, 2012

6th Ed quick impressions

Hey gang, DFK! here,

Spent several hours today poring through the new 6e rules and there are a lot of differences.  I hope to get into them in more depth across a couple articles this week, hopefully culminating in a battle report on or about July 8th (time allowing).

So for now, let me just give you a run down of all the things that are, in my opinion, different enough to have changes ranging from "major" to "relatively significant."  Obviously, some of this stuff was in the rumors, but a lot of rumors (like consolidating into combat) are officially disconfirmed.

  • Wound allocation - no more complex allocation
  • Movement - overall mobility is way up
  • Close combat - CC weapons have AP, IC's function differently in CC
  • Flyers are totally in
  • Snap fire - not to be confused with overwatch
  • Fleet - no more running and then charging.... pretty much ever
  • Look out, Sir! - in for both IC and sarges
  • Multi-charging rules very different
  • Pile-in rules for CC are very different
  • Variable charge range
  • Regrouping will now happen more often - no more chasing units off the field
  • Jet bikes are freaking rocket ships, turbo boosting even further
  • Fear mechanics are in, and space marines shall know none!
  • Overwatch - flamers just got better, yo
  • Beasts and cavalry got a mix of nerfs and buffs
  • Focus fire mechanics can put the hurt on models out of cover
  • Pre measurement for EVERYTHING
  • Rapid fire - despite rumors no extra shots or anything, but more mobility
  • Snipers - lots of chances to pick important peeps off, I dig this mechanic
  • Challenges - I have mixed feelings on this, we'll see how it works out
  • Everybody in the game gets a save v. psychic powers - nerf to Psychic Hoods
  • It's easier for vehicles to get cover
  • Dangerous terrain is more survivable, but there is a new more dangerouser terrain type
  • Some terrain buildings can be "dilapidated" and run down, and you never turn buildings into craters anymore
  • Reserves more likely to come in earlier
  • Major changes to night fighting
  • Scoring unit rules re: transports contain some key adjustments
So what stayed the same?  Well, this stuff, more or less:
  • True Line of Sight
  • Saves (only one save, ever)
  • To hit tables and mechanics
  • Morale (though regrouping is buffed)
  • Blast/barrage weapons (only change is that the hole has to be entirely over a base, not just partial)
  • Pistols (rumors indicated they could be used in CC, they can.... as a generic CC weapon)
  • Deep strike
  • The FOC (rumors indicated percentages..... na dawg).

I know this is just a simple list at first and likely to be found on say, a billion other websites, but hopefully I can push the boundaries of infringing copyright and get you some details and impressions soon.
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