Sunday, June 10, 2012

Forgeworld, Finecast, 6th edition

Wow a busy week for news and rumors, as well as some actual solid releases and information. Let's start with the Forgeworld new release if you haven't seen it by now.


Each Company in a Space Marine Chapter falls under the command of a Captain, a hardened veteran and a master strategist. These lords of war read the battlefield’s ebb and flow with enhanced reflexes and a post-human grasp of the ever-changing arena of combat in which they spend their lives.

In addition to his Chapter rank, each Captain may also bear additional honorific titles and epithets associated with both his deeds of valour and the Company he leads. Each is often accompanied by a Standard Bearer, carrying the battle-flag of the company, invariably steeped in history and heavy with the glories of the Chapter

Pretty solid as usual from Forgworld the banner just begs to be painted and is a great model. I would consider picking these up just for that guy. If you are also following as GW makes the slide from Metal to Finecast Games workshop announces several more models in the fantasy line have now been converted over as well as two new goblin model has been released.

For a complete list of what models have also been converted over to the Finecast from original you can follow this link

The real news though is the breaking of 6th edition officially from GW with a little teaser trailer.

It looks like in a very short two weeks away from being able to do pre orders. I hope you have some penny's saved up in your piggy bank! The last rulebook wasn't exactly cheap I expect this one could clock in just shy of a 100 dollars and that isn't considering whatever special edition package they will be offering. Add to the hype that word on the street is Chaos is the next codex very very shortly after the new edition, and then mix in the rumor that Dark Angels vs Chaos is the new starter and things get interesting fast. 

A meta shake up people have been waiting for... Yes please
A new Chaos codex people have been waiting for.. Yes Please
Rumors of several rules coming out right after,Dark Angels, Black Templar, with whispers of Tau and Eldar still floating around. Yes Please. 

I haven't even talked about the new models that Chaos will be getting on top of everything else. =P Next month could be the spark a bit of a 40k re awaking for those who field Chaos and those who are sick of 5th edition.

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