Wednesday, June 6, 2012

The Emperor's Chosen 02

The Emperor's Chosen is about highlighting some of the great content that fellow bloggers post online. Everyone's life can be a little hectic from time to time to have caught everything posted. Plus there is honestly a ton of content released every week. So here are a few great posts in case you missed them.

Obliterators incoming!
-With so many whispers of Chaos being in the news in the near future some progress shots of a Chaos force are more than welcome. Plebicidal shows us some Oblits and other models he has finished up, and gets excited enough that he starts washing and painting right away!! Progress tends to inspire progress so take a look and let Plebicidal know what you think.

Dave Taylor Miniatures

And back to the Knights of Morr (plus post 300!)
-Who hasn't been inspired by something Dave Taylor has done? This guy is basically a pillar of our hobby community at this point as he continues to show off. His newest project is the now completed The Knights of Morr. 

Eddie Legion of ONE

A grotesque search
-This is a nice rundown of several options for converting up some Grotesque's. It's like a Dick Tracy rogue gallery with a who's who of conversions online with links to the articles and posts. A very nice run down for anyone who hasn't seen these conversions or who is decided what direction they would like to go. Great post Eddie. (The picture above is actually my buddy Ron's conversion from Eye of Error who also does fantastic work on about everything he touches)

Remember the Emperor's Chosen are taken from the DFG blog network. 

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  1. Thanks for the shout out for the cause. Many like-minded folks submitted their blogs last week and by the end of this one, many will count among the rolls!

    These are great articles and they represent only a fraction of what bloggers in our network are doing every day!

    1. Awesome news I plan to keep plugging away weekly with this article series and hopefully it will help inspire people, give some lesser blogs some traffic, and continue to grow the DFG blog roll. =) Seems like a win for everyone.


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