Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The Emperor's Chosen 01

The Emperor's Chosen was originally set up to be way to highlight and give back to my fellow bloggers. The hobby community is filled with great people and great posts of content on a regular basis and as I randomly bounce around and run into great things I wanted to share and show off what others did. I chose to pull all my content originally from the FTW blog rolls as a show of respect to Ron and FTW for all it has done for the community.

Only a few weeks into doing the Emperor's Chosen I was contacted by Ron and asked to come over and lead the same type of post on the FTW website. (My posts can be found here) I had a good run but was laid off by Ron until further notice when the blog rolls had technical difficulties he could no longer ignore. With the blog rolls pulled from the FTW website my bi weekly article was "canned" until repairs could be made, with no hope of a quick fix. 

I have been debating what blog roll to replace the content with for The Emperor's Chosen for some time, but with the announcement that DFG will be becoming a blog roll of community support it seemed like a great time to restart the article. It also looks like at this point that the blog rolls wont' be returning to FTW anytime soon So from this point on The Emperor's Chosen will pull content from the DFG blog rolls as they grow. So join me week one as we look as some great content. 

A Gentleman's One's
 Killzone: Orks v. Space Wolves
-Brian shows off some great shots of a playtesting session for KillZone v3. Kill zone is a great game if you haven't looked into it, and who doesn't like some shots of great models on the epic field of battle. Worth checking out.

Mordian 7th

Heresy Era World Eaters - Bale, Berzerker Dreadnought built
-Did you say Heresy Era and Berzerker Dreadnought!! You might as well have said free beer, or strip club because you completely had my attention. Mordian7th shows off some new progress as he works away on his Heresy army. Always good stuff. Also a nice look at the puppet war upgrade arms that I am going to be getting some of soon to redo some of my dreads with. 

Zen 40K

Slaanesh Rhino Commission
-A very nice custom Rhino job by Aventine for a client. There is another closer picture if you follow the link for more information. More free hand work on the table top is always a welcome thing. 


  1. Thank you very much for choosing our blog roll. We exist for the benefit of the community, so this is an honor to the DFG members and our mission.

    1. No thanks needed, DFG always supports and encourages the community both online and off. Plus having met you guys in person you are laid back and cool people's. So anything that I can do to not only support some great online content and bring a little more attention to the new blog roll seems like a great idea.

  2. Thanks for the nod! I was well pleased with the articulation on the PuppetsWar arms, you can really get some dynamic poses out of 'em!

    1. Great looking Dread I can't wait to see it fully painted up!

  3. Nice one, thanks for doing this, FTW's top ten and blogrolls closing thier doors has left a bit of a hole.

    1. No problem the goal as always is to support the community if I get the chance. This will be a regular type post from this point on. I agree that FTW changing has left a bit of a hole in the community though.

  4. Great idea!
    I actually have gotten quite a few games under my belt fielding Brian's painted Ork Killzone team - including a bunch of games as a ringer during the Adepticon events on Friday. They are simply phenomenal and I'm lucky to have Brian from A Gentleman's Ones as my hobby mentor and friend. :)

    I already commented on Mordian7th's blog post, but I should probably say it again - Dude, this Dreadnought is simply awe-inspiring. It makes me sad that a lot of the 6th Edition rumors are affecting my hobby mojo and the possibility that the rules and the general feeling of the new Warhammer 40,000 edition is putting any hopes of imitating your conversion under some severe doubt. Not sure if that sentence made ANY sense, but oh well. It's late here and I'm foreign.

    AND a sweet paintjob by Zen 40k, as always. Very crisp, yet subtle. Perhaps too subtle for Slaanesh. Must be Slaaneshi trickery!

    I can only hope that one day one of my own posts get featured here!

    Skavald out!

    1. You get to play with Brian on a regular basis and you got to be a ringer at Adepticon..hmmm I feel like you came to show off since I am jealous lol.

      I haven't gotten to play Killzone yet but everyone who I talked to say they really love the game.

      Thanks for stopping by Skarvald

  5. I'm blushing.

    Thanks for the kind words.

    Thanks also for compiling this. I am genuinely looking forward to the series and doubly pleased to see someone take the initiative on a list like this. There's so much out there that invariably I find a link or a talent or another cool idea to which I had been totally oblivious. Again. Thanks.

    1. Thanks for stopping by Brian, the work you do on Killzone and for the community is appreciated is all.

      I appreciate the support on the Chosen series as we go forward.


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