Monday, May 21, 2012

Adepticon 2012 40k Team Event

I was invited to play in the 40k Team Event with some friends this year. I want to start off by saying that this was my first team event or doubles event of any kind. So I jumped in the deep end. Go big or go home right? (That is my buddies motto at the bar too....errr..wait that might mean something else at the bar...)
We clearly didn't win I am sure you have read by now that Spag and his team of ringers won the thing. =P No hard feeling guys Congrats too all of you.

We played Necron's and I won't bore you with the list details, but each list basically did something different.
My list was Wraiths with shooty support from 2 A-Barges
One list was a Scarab Farm
One list had a Ctan with worldscape
One list had The dual HQ's one with the fancy Veil so he had two Veils in his list.

The missions for the event where these really wacky missions I thought. Like the first mission your objective was sealed in a envelope and you didn't know what your opponent's goal was until like turn 4 or 5 of the game. Very odd.

   Round one we played SW's and BA I believe.

I was matched with the Dual Veil list. The game was fun filled and set the tone for the day I think. I clearly saw the team event was more about the experience than kicking ass and taking names. We both joked the entire time we played and neither team was very tense at all about the event. I think by turn 2 my partner had lost his entire Necron Force LMAO. He veiled a Large squad plus HQ behind his lines to bring the pain!!! but that isn't exactly how it ended up working out for him. Then he ended up losing his other units shortly after. The game basically was the necrons falling back or moving around while peppering shots at units and trying to whittle them down. The Wraiths took out a long fang pack right away then stayed in combat forever with a large unit of Grey hunters. It ended up being a fun close game anyway and at the end I was able to jump a HQ from one squad to another late game then hide a turn before using Veil and a run move to eek out some points on the secondary. So we ended up with a tie basically. 

Round two we ended up paired against BA and Chaos. 

I was paired up with the Scarab farm list this round. They had a very fast assaulty army compared to ours. Lots of jump marines, some lash with zerkers, and a few oblitz. I sacrificed the Command barge because I had a chance to take out the libby dread right off the bat. This was a game of stalling really. The wraiths tied up the zerkers and oblits for several turns taking them out of the game until it was so late they had to sit in place to try to hold a quarter. By turn three there was only 3 BA models left on the board as I had been focus firing on the fast BA units all three turns. We should have won this game but I made a mistake and read the mission wrong. To hold a table quarter you had to have a troop from both army lists. No problem I had that down. However to contest you ALSO had to have a unit from BOTH ARMY LISTS.. I was positioned to be able to do this but didn't realize you needed to until it was too late. So I had a ghost barge 1/4 a inch away from contesting because I didn't think I needed to move it in with the second ghost ark. We ended up with a Tie again though so not horrible. Again though really fun game, against some guys with awesome attitudes.

Game three was a crazy objective mission I was paired up with the worldscape Cron list this time around. 
We ended up facing a team of Thunder wolf spam. Every team member basically had a large squad of thunderwolf cav and another troop. 

This was not a fun game
My initial thoughts on this is we should get tabled. I don't honestly think that our list has the ability to win this type of match up. If they come straight at us with both units we can't stop both before they arrive and they should chew through a majority if not all of our army over a few turns unless the dice are amazing. We aren't fast enough to stay away, we don't have enough numbers to feed them units and prevent multi assaults so I come up with some crazy strat to play by and just assume going in it's a long shot. That however is not why it wasn't a fun game.. The other team was not laid back at all. Right off the bat it was clear as they got upset that I was joking around before the game started.

First off I put the primary objective far away from our actual deployment as a Cron player I don't care where the objective is and I want the bulk of your force away from it. I can always DS over there later to contest or make a grab for it. So I wanted them to worry about how they wanted to handle that and decide if they should send everything at us or not. Then all kinds of odd things happened. 

First off one of the players refused to actually move his thunderwolf cav.. He was so worried about rolling one's for worldscape once we had hit him with a tremor staff he would skip his movement phase and use the run roll to move forward. It was very odd to me. This essentially took an entire unit of Cav out of the game the first few turns. By turn 3 or 4 we had shot down and killed the entire other Cav unit being able to deal with it by itself and started to move back toward the objective, at this point he opted to use his Cav to guard that side of the board and again didn't send them at us. So we are able to start engaging the rest of the army on our terms now. We send in Scarabs that had been spawning all game to multi assault all the troops and rhino's to try and hold them up in combat. We failed to actually destroy the rhino's though so I thought it would have have been a lost cause, but the units had flamers on them and they excitedly jumped out to flamer the scarabs. Thus allowing us to assault them next turn and hold them in combat away from the objective the rest of the game. The game ends up going to turn 7 and we end up tying them . I am able to get a command barge in position to contest the main objective, and by this point we have killed off several of the second cav unit and have them also tied up in combat with the wraiths. 

We had several rules issues, LOS issues, and Dice madness happen the entire game. If the dice was cocked but a good roll for them they would stack another dice on it because if it would stay they would say its good and not cocked, but if it was a bad roll they would wouldn't check it at all. They would pick up hits and not misses while playing,  LOS was constantly questioned the entire game. Just in general they played with a style I was not used to playing in 40k personally. We had to get a rules judge over several times for random issues.. For example.. 

I send in one of the command barges to harass the Thunder Cav and buy us some time for more shooting. I turbo boost it up and I expect him to surround it with his wolves and kill it. My plan was depending on his placement to use my mind bugs or just make him assault me again next turn. However he put his models around the barge then argued I was wiped out because I could not place the single model in the crater without being within' 1 inch of his models. We measured the barge itself showing him the only way that is possible is IF he had his models bases under the lip of the hull of the vehicle which you arent' supposed to do. He didn't care and he refused to accept that answer again insisting that we could not place the model he was destroyed. We had a judge come over who believe it or not DIDN'T want to make a call? We explained what happened and he looked at it a minute. Then he tells us "Well I wasn't here before to see if he put the models under the hull or not, and I can't make him take back his assault" My team mate wasn't happy at all with him and it was very clear that the judge didn't want to say anything to make either side angry... ?? They all talked about it for 10 minutes or so before I said I don't care anymore roll off for it. on a 4plus he dies I want to move on its not that important. The judge was thrilled with this and the other team rolled a 5 and my lord died. That was the tone of the entire game though. 

We ended up tying like I said above but honestly it was one of the least fun games of 40k I have ever played.

Game four was against a GK IG team I wish I could remember these guys names but it has been too long at this point. The IG army was great with all Forgeworld models for the most part, but more than that this was one of the funnest games of the day. This game was filled with random fun moments and the other guys had also been amazingly fun to play against while we joked around. Complete night and day to the game just prior.

I assaulted Crowe with a unit of wraiths to see what would happen, and in the first round he perils himself taking his first wound then he spend the rest of the game not attacking me so he could reroll his saves. And I spent the rest of the game NOT rolling rends. It was hilarious as I could not kill Crow and they both stayed locked the entire GAME.

There was some great back and forth dice moments and cool battles as the dice would go hot and cold for both teams. IT ended with another Tie, we couldn't kill the IG units, We basically tabled the GK player minus Crow!!!! however we could only earn KP from the IG player.

So 3 great games, and a great day of fun. I had a fantastic time and would love to play in the team event again if I can find a team that will take me lol.


  1. You played 4 games right? Lol.
    Sorry about the douchebag. I had a few myself.

    1. meh statistically it's going to happen sometimes. I am just usually astounded that people act that way over a game.. **shrug
      It's also vastly amusing to me that the people that are normally considered the top players in our little game scene are very laid back cool people both when playing and when not.

      Congrats again on taking the win though!!!


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