Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Adepticon 2012 40k Championship Games

So I made the epic journey from Ohio to the Windy City to play some dice games of glory and death on the battle ground of Adepticon 2012. Last year I brought Demons because It was my year of demons I pretty much played them for almost everything and honestly I can't complain I did well with them. This year I have been building Grey Knights and tinkering with the codex and already decided that would be the army I took. However while play testing and messing around with options I was still every changing my list and tweaking units so it was very clear I was going to end up with a test list since I had to settle on something with enough time to finish painting it, and I wasn't going to have time to really play test with everything else in my life going on.

I learned a ton about the list and units/options in a great trial by fire way. I will comment on my list thoughts in another post because this one is going to be pretty long. First off my list was

Coteaz - Pimp of henchmen and "made man" (almost every one takes this guy no surprise)
Xenos INQ - rad nades, random nades of death, 3 servo skulls, digital weapon

7 Death Cults - Rhino, pysbolt ammo

2 X 5 Acolytes 3 with plasma, Chimera, scatter laser, heavy flamer, searchlight, dozer blade

5 Acolytes 3 with melta Chimera , scatter laser, heavy flamer, searchlight, dozer blade

5 acolytes 3 with melta, razorback heavy bolter, psybolt ammo, dozer blade, searchlight

4 acolytes razorback, heavy bolter, psybolt ammo, dozer blade, searchlight

3 Dreads with twin linked autocannons, psybolt ammo, searchlights

1 Ven Dread twin linked autocannons psybolt ammo, searchlights

2 x 5 Purifiers hammer, 2 cannons, 2 halberds, razorback heavy bolter, psybolt ammo, searchlight, dozer blade

I ended up taking some random things like pysbolts on the rhino because I had a few extra points. It isn't exactly what I want to run, but its a good starting point as I Continue to test, and I really like the fact that it's very redundant. Again I will give list thoughts and unit feedback in another post. The reality is I had to stick with some list so I could paint everything up to a tourny standard so I could actually play. I was just one more GK player in the Sea of GK players as you can see from this nice graph. Courtesy of BOLS.

The field was not very xenos friendly this year, and there was actually NO Nid players out of 248 people. IF your reading GW that means you messed up someplace with the NID book. I hope that 6th gives that book some new life. A full article about the army break down can be found at BOLS here and honestly its a interesting quick read.

Since I didn't get to play the army much I didn't take a ton of pictures while playing. I was trying to remember my rules more than anything and not make any dumb mistakes. Also my goal was to play fast I didn't want my opponents to feel like I was slow playing them so finishing our games was important to me

Anyway a quick run down of my games....With what Visual aids I can provide.

Game one vs IG Brian Hicks

Ahhh the first game of the day really sets the mode for the rest of a event. He had a non traditional list and you can never discount those. In the right hands the non net lists can be the most dangerous in my experience.

Company command squad snipers, astropath, commander
Vet squad in chimera
Infantry platoon 4 infantry squads 3 teams of heavy weapons squads autocannons, heavy bolters, mortars
3 walkers with scatter lasers
3 walkers with lascannon
Leman Russ punisher
2 X collossus
Deathstrike missile

I have never actually seen anyone use a Deathstrike missile so he had to explain the rules to me. I would call the unit fun but not really reliable at all personally. He went first and being IG could deploy a billion little troops in DOW.  I didn't mind I enjoy going second and honestly think in several cases especially in 5th edition going second is the way to go. This was a fun game, and honestly the dice where very back and forth the first few turns. His Deathstrike missile actually fired turn 2 hit three of my vehicles clogging up my lines right off the bat. He also had a Colossus shell Hit a Purifier squad directly and wipe the entire unit out in one shot on turn 3. He had a few other hot dice moments while shooting but my dice had some great rounds as well. I fired back with a dread shooting into a walker squadron and with 4 pens destroyed all three walkers with one dread. He also failed a few moral rolls during crucial moments during the game. The real problem for him was that my DCA made it to his lines on the left side of the board and after eating a unit went to ground and he wasn't able to kill the unit. They took his entire's army shooting for one round but I was hot on saves and he wasn't able to kill but a couple models and they stuck around.... Next turn my army punished him for neglecting the rest of my units, I think we ended up going to turn 6 and at the point he didn't have many units left another turn and it might have been a tabling.

I end up walking away with a Victory and Max objectives. putting me 1-0. A very fun game and a cool opponent with many fun moments.  This was honestly almost like a pick up game at a store the way it went down and a much more laid back vibe than you normally get at a Tourny. Here are some random pictures I was able to take while playing.I dont' have end game shots or deployment I was just snapping some random pictures while trying to play.

Game Two VS Black Templar Mike Smith

Emp Champ
Ven Dread
7 Terms in LR
7 Initiates 5 neophytes in LR
5 Crusaders in Rhino
5 Crusaders in Razor

We thought this was going to be a fast one sided game one way or the other it however didn't work that way at all..

Turn one I Immobilezed one of his LR's changing up his plans a bit. He then made the comment that his Terms would have to carry the Army and proceeded to push them at me killing a vehicle or two in a multi assault. They then failed a Leadership check after I tank shocked them which honestly took them out of the game. I shot them down to only a few and would be able to walk them across the board, which should have sealed the game for me at that point.  However I got a little to greedy and impatient moved forward too much and he was able to hit my units with his Templars and eat up a few more KP's. Before retreating back away to hide in his LR again. He refused to move into my lines because I had the plasma units deployed so that if he went past the middle of the board he would eat plasma fire. It ended up being a very close and fun game as we joked back and forth.  If the game had ended on 5 he would have won as I couldn't stop his LR's as the emperor was protecting them lol, on turn 6 it would have come down to VP's, but it went to 7 and I was able to pull it out the last turn. I will say that I shot everything at his LR's and was only able to kill one lol. The other raider was indestructible it took fire the entire game shrugging it off like a boss. Great fun game and prob my favorite opponent of the day plus my greed made this a really close game as I tried to recover from my mistakes. He was a "good guy" I was 2-0 at this point.

Game three VS LEGIO CUSTUDIOS or GK PALY's C. J. Young

 This army was amazing looking it also has flying hover Rhino's. CJ YOUNG has been featured on BoLS and a few other places here are some links and pictures.

More can be seen at

Also I want to say that CJ was a really laid back and approachable guy another great opponent I was on a roll today.

His List was

Draigo - destroyer of worlds and dreams
Coteaz- The popular kid at school
7 purifiers in a Rhino
10 Paly's
3 henchman razor
3 henchman razor
Monkey man and 4 henchman
5 interceptors
2 Dreads of twin linked shooting standard load out

He actually has more than 10 KP's which is a little odd for a Paly list that I am used to seeing. Again another fun game. The board was like a city fight board too. There was no area terrain only lots of half building so basically everything got cover because of TLOS pretty much the entire game unless you got close for the most part. Something we joked about. I took out his interceptors and a dread right away. I ended up putting two vehicles and a melta squad in the center of the board for him to deal with. I lost them but it completely changed his mobility for the rest of the game. We exchanged a ton of fire, and after watching him shrug off a ton of fire I ignored his Paly's and started taking out the rest of his army. He was focusing on taking out my low AP threats I had deployed so he couldn't leave the center of the table without losing his cover save by entering clean lanes of fire so the plasma had to go. Honestly one plasma squad went to ground and took fire several turns without dying. Since my INQ attached to DCA was a marked unit it ended up with this funny scene of them running from Draigo as he chased them and Coteaz would move back and send his Bird in to try to take Draigo's last wound in what would have been a epic story of how the bird took out Draigo.
When the dust settled though it was a really close and again fun game. Both of us did not get the marked for death unit, he had the objectives but believe it or not I had him on KP's by several as I kept my distance the entire game using smoke and cover to keep my units alive as long as possible while taking out all his support units. It went to VP's and I pulled out a Victory by around 200ish if I remember correct it was close and just above the tie anyway margin.

3 rounds and 3 great games and opponents so far. I go into round four 3-0 I don't have a ton of Objectives from all the games though, so I am pretty sure if I don't win my last round I am going to place pretty sadly as that's how tourneys work out. If I do win though I should make top 16 so basically me and my next opponent are playing for top 16 and to qualify for Sunday at this point.

Game four Chaos Demons Bill Kim

Fate Weaver
6 fiends
6 fiends
24 ish seekers
5 horrors bolt
5 horrors bolt
5 horrors bolt changling
15ish letters with Icon

I pulled Demon's for game four and it was a good list. Being a Demon player I understand how his list works and I didn't know who Bill was Honestly but word on the street is he is one of the top demon players in the country (more on that later). Over all I felt it was a good match up for me GK vs demons I have plenty of shooting and have beaten this style list before. He wins the roll off and goes first I deploy in a slight castle on about center of my zone and he drops in and pretty much hits or slightly scatters. Fatey, scarbrand, 2 fiends, and seekers. Really great start for him and he pretty much dropped exactly like I would have so it's clear to me at this point by his list and his choices he is a good player. I shuffle and two important things happen here, I position a chimera to bait him forward, I will lose the vehicle but it will put his seekers in the open for me to deal with them before the rest of the waves hit. The only way this is bad is if he rolls a 6 for terrain, 6 for fleet, then a 6 to assault then he could wrap the vehicle and multi assault. but meh how often does that happen? I then basically shoot my entire army at a squad of fiends and he takes one wound... I laugh because that was fantastic rolling and he honestly barely even used the reroll. Ok. which sets the tone for the game. He then rolls three 6's as I said above wraps the chimera and wipes the purifiers inside. I laugh again I suppose I should have played more cautious. He basically rolls at this same level until turn four at which point his dice cool off and I start rolling horrible lmao. By the end of four he has eaten through the majority of my army at this point, my purifiers are all gone my DCA, several henchmen a dread and several vehicles. I have only been able to kill one squad of fiends, and the seekers, while wounding skarbrand. So I shake his hand and call it I really have no way of coming back at this point and its been a long day.

I want to say that Bill was a great guy very laid back and cool. I honestly thought it was funny how well he was rolling and oddly being a demon player I wasn't' upset at all. In fact I fist bumped him because Demons would be making top 16. Plus I just had a great day of games against a great set of opponents. Bill rolled like a mad man but I also don't want to come across as saying that's strictly what beat me, he was/is a solid  player so while he rolled well he is clearly skilled as well, not that he needs to hear that from me. lol  Sometimes things online get a little twisted is all so I want to be clear. We chatted off and on after words, again cool guy very laid back I would gladly throw dice with him again.

I ended up in 59 over all, but had a blast of a day.  All my games had been fun and the opponents really cool guys that I would be glad to throw dice with again anytime. Next up notes and stuff from the team event stay tuned!!


  1. I have faced Bill Kim numerous times and he is a vary solid player. His list is tailored to do very well against Grey Knights.

    You had a very good run, so congratulations!

    With that being said, I am also from Ohio, but where about from the state are you from?

    1. Thanks man, I'm in the Dayton area I go to Cincy often as well and have been trying to make it a few other places in the state. Where are u located?

    2. Ah ok. That is a bit of a drive for me! I live in Cleveland, but I usually travel out to Toledo to get my gaming fill in since the stores around here are terrible.

  2. Glad you had a great time! And good job on the 3-1.

    1. Thanks Spag. Congrats on the team win!! Honestly you were one of the two people I was hoping to shake hands with and put a name and face together, but I ended up sooo busy I don't really have time to wonder around this year and bother random people that don't know me. Lol I plan to be at Indy open next year though an I I can I'll try to make another event before then in your area.

  3. Mr. Kim is a local to our area and whenever he shows up its whispers of will someone beat Bill or is this another tournament hes going to take? Generally he mops us up. Luckily school has kept him busy and he's been absent recently. I'm sure that will change.

    Good write ups, thanks for sharing your adepticon experience. none of the DFG guys played in the GT this year (thankfully because I think we were all to wasted to even make it worth it) but next year I think we'll have some faces in there again.

    1. Looks like I will have to come up and defeat bill for you guys!

      Joking aside, Bill is a great player with a very deadly list. I am sure it caught a lot of players off guard.


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