Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The Emperor's Chosen 01

The Emperor's Chosen was originally set up to be way to highlight and give back to my fellow bloggers. The hobby community is filled with great people and great posts of content on a regular basis and as I randomly bounce around and run into great things I wanted to share and show off what others did. I chose to pull all my content originally from the FTW blog rolls as a show of respect to Ron and FTW for all it has done for the community.

Only a few weeks into doing the Emperor's Chosen I was contacted by Ron and asked to come over and lead the same type of post on the FTW website. (My posts can be found here) I had a good run but was laid off by Ron until further notice when the blog rolls had technical difficulties he could no longer ignore. With the blog rolls pulled from the FTW website my bi weekly article was "canned" until repairs could be made, with no hope of a quick fix. 

I have been debating what blog roll to replace the content with for The Emperor's Chosen for some time, but with the announcement that DFG will be becoming a blog roll of community support it seemed like a great time to restart the article. It also looks like at this point that the blog rolls wont' be returning to FTW anytime soon So from this point on The Emperor's Chosen will pull content from the DFG blog rolls as they grow. So join me week one as we look as some great content. 

A Gentleman's One's
 Killzone: Orks v. Space Wolves
-Brian shows off some great shots of a playtesting session for KillZone v3. Kill zone is a great game if you haven't looked into it, and who doesn't like some shots of great models on the epic field of battle. Worth checking out.

Mordian 7th

Heresy Era World Eaters - Bale, Berzerker Dreadnought built
-Did you say Heresy Era and Berzerker Dreadnought!! You might as well have said free beer, or strip club because you completely had my attention. Mordian7th shows off some new progress as he works away on his Heresy army. Always good stuff. Also a nice look at the puppet war upgrade arms that I am going to be getting some of soon to redo some of my dreads with. 

Zen 40K

Slaanesh Rhino Commission
-A very nice custom Rhino job by Aventine for a client. There is another closer picture if you follow the link for more information. More free hand work on the table top is always a welcome thing. 

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

6th edition, Price increase, and PP sale

6th edition appears to be officially coming very shortly. We have heard the endless whispers of it on the horizon, seen multiple "could be leaks" of rules that might be 6th? Then if you look around the interwebs you know that they have officially pulled the 5th edition rulebook. So unless you think they will be just releasing the same 5th edition book only now with a FINECAST cover and triple the cost, I think it is pretty safe to say that 6th edition is almost upon us. (Unless someone reads that finecast cover idea then we may get a few month delay) Late June early July has been the whisper for some time and it appears that is one that salt miners have gotten right. I am excited for a shift in the game and meta personally.

Monday, May 28, 2012

Cool Mini or Not 12.21

We return you to your regular scheduled updates and let's start with a nice Cool Mini or Not release. All items are the weekly new releases or restocks. More eye candy for us to consider buying as usual.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Adepticon 2012 40k Team Event

I was invited to play in the 40k Team Event with some friends this year. I want to start off by saying that this was my first team event or doubles event of any kind. So I jumped in the deep end. Go big or go home right? (That is my buddies motto at the bar too....errr..wait that might mean something else at the bar...)
We clearly didn't win I am sure you have read by now that Spag and his team of ringers won the thing. =P No hard feeling guys Congrats too all of you.

We played Necron's and I won't bore you with the list details, but each list basically did something different.
My list was Wraiths with shooty support from 2 A-Barges
One list was a Scarab Farm
One list had a Ctan with worldscape
One list had The dual HQ's one with the fancy Veil so he had two Veils in his list.

The missions for the event where these really wacky missions I thought. Like the first mission your objective was sealed in a envelope and you didn't know what your opponent's goal was until like turn 4 or 5 of the game. Very odd.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Adepticon 2012 Saturday Picture dump

So I was going to do a bit of a run down of the team event then I realized I still had pictures from Saturday I hadn't uploaded yet. So before I talk about what was my first team event, here is some random pictures from Saturday 40k event, and some Fantasy event stuff mixed in.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Adepticon 2012 40k Championship Games

So I made the epic journey from Ohio to the Windy City to play some dice games of glory and death on the battle ground of Adepticon 2012. Last year I brought Demons because It was my year of demons I pretty much played them for almost everything and honestly I can't complain I did well with them. This year I have been building Grey Knights and tinkering with the codex and already decided that would be the army I took. However while play testing and messing around with options I was still every changing my list and tweaking units so it was very clear I was going to end up with a test list since I had to settle on something with enough time to finish painting it, and I wasn't going to have time to really play test with everything else in my life going on.

I learned a ton about the list and units/options in a great trial by fire way. I will comment on my list thoughts in another post because this one is going to be pretty long. First off my list was

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