Thursday, April 26, 2012

One to RULE them all?

So with Adepticon 2012 in the rear view mirror of life, I can actually do things like post comments,articles, and just random nonsense again. I still need to get a list to take to ATC down, and I need to post Adepticon pictures and reports of my two days of CHAOS and DICE but I have a little room to breath and actually do hobby things I want to do.

Like comment on rumors as I hear them..

One to RULE them all? Yep I am sure several of you have already noticed the rumor mill struggling and grasping at straws to release any information and they are complaining about a One Codex release for next year. So I wonder if that means a ton of errata out of the LARGE rule book to put the other books in line as 6h edition shows up to change the game like the police showing up to a all mech party. 6th Edition is coming there is no doubt about that everyone agree's, but with the Hobbit line being pushed out and the square base game that people seem to play, there honestly isn't much room for more than that so I can see some truth in the rumor right away. I would not be shocked is my point.

I do have concerns of course, that only one release would push the next rumored releases back to early next year. Which means if Chaos is the golden ticket holder for this next year, and all the other books are pushed back I wonder if Chaos will actually get several books like we had heard in the past still. Hmmm? Also Dark Angels is rumored to be in the starter box as well, so they would be next in line, possibly pushing Tau/Eldar still further into the warp of the unknown. More importantly though still being pushed way back from having some sexy new rules love thrown at them. Poor poor Xenos tis the way of the Emperor I suppose..

If I had to guess I would say we are missing something they are playing around with.. The white Dwarf release. That's right my initial thought or guess is that if Chaos is the next slated official codex that we might see a Dark Angels update via White Dwarf just like sisters got. (Only hopefully not exactly like sisters got.) I would also guess that the second part of the chaos rules update for units not in the chaos book and/ or a demon update could come VIA White Dwarf as well. If they are in the new starter set it makes sense they would get some type of rules update to entice players to pick up the box set. Of course I am guessing and could be completely wrong, they could be hoping that a later release of Dark Angels will spur starter set sales again once they die down. This was just my initial gut guess when I initially read the news. Either way honestly if we only get one new book I am thrilled it is Chaos, as there is a huge push to do characters justice in the last few books and the CHAOS book has some awesome chances to do that. I look forward to seeing Kharn, Typhus, Abby, Ahrimon and more on the table top across from me again on a more regular basis.

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