Monday, April 16, 2012

Display Board 101, and DFG contest

I have been meaning to do a post or two on Display Boards and my thoughts on them for some time. I have a theory about how you should do them and since I just did one for my Adepticon army this year this seems like a good time to throw it out there.

First speaking of Adepticon I wanted to do a shout out to the DFG guys and the awesome contest they are having again this year. Last year they did something pretty similar and it was a blast to see it go on. Although for record the DFG guys are a pretty laid back and cool to hang out with anyway. (shout out to Cvinton and OST)

Follow the Link below for more details

I'll be buying them a drink or two if I run into them, but I would most likely do that even without a contest.
(Also mad props to my buddy Ron from Eye of Error for the AWESOME design he created for the shirts you see above)

Moving on to Display boards

My theory is very simple, I just feel like people aren't getting enough bang for buck out of the display boards I normally see, so I had a simple but easy thought so I thought I would share it with you guys.

First off this is base of my Display board.

Its good sized so I can fit just about any type of army on it. The whole thing is made of wood and the blue you see is felt so its nice looking, helps the models stay up, and feels cool. (not that feeling cool is important but my daughter pointed that out.) Also the edges while being stained wood to look nice are a nice edge so when I am at a event that doesn't really have a paint score there is a nice lip to hold in items that might move around.

Quick snap of the edge of the board so you can see it. Also you can see part of the felt because I was too lazy to trim the bottom perfect.. (no one see's that normally anyway.)

Here is a snap of the board as it will be for Adepticon with my desert theme.

As you can see the board looks completely different. It now how little hills and bushes to match my bases for my army. However the board is modular What do you mean by Modular?

As you can see my display board is actually 5 pieces. Why? Several reasons. One reason is for travel I can actually pack it much easier in a suit case should I fly or something. The thing actually fits in my Battle foam case with the army. (the display pieces not the actual board) But now I can also use them for terrain if I am playing a game at home. So you basically aren't wasting anything. Also you can use them for a smaller display board should you go to a combat patrol event or something of the like. 

The real added bonus is as you can see I only need ONE main display board. I can add terrain to match any army, which doubles as terrain at home, but I only need to have one display board. That means instead of designing a new board I can spend my time on some more terrain for the board and grow my terrain collection at home at the same time. Remember you can do any type of terrain you can think of as long as it fits together like a puzzle to fill the board.

Anyway if your going to Adepticon I'll be the guy who puts his plastic crack on this board you see above, feel free to say hi, shake my hand, or just ignore me whatever makes the weekend better for you.


  1. Thank you for the shout out. We look forward to meeting up with you again and if I get the time, I am going to try to make a display board like this for the Death Wing, even though I am running them for pick up games all weekend.

    1. Are you bringing Terrain? Last year there was no extra terrain for pick up games if I remember correctly. =P Just a thought if you hadn't considered it.

      Look forward to seeing you guys there.

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. That's actually a pretty sweet idea. The modularity, I mean.

    1. Thanks, I thought of it after seeing a ton of sharp display boards travelling around to events. People spend so much time on some of them but seemed like getting that double usage of terrain was the logical jump to go, also not having 9 boards for 9 different armies.

  4. Where did you get the board itself?

    1. I made the board itself, it has maybe 15 dollars invested in honestly. The outer edge is Trim (picked out to your taste at any hardware store) It was stained after I cut it to look nice and complete. I have a Giant roll of Felt given to me (prob enough to do a pool table or two at the least) and I used a piece of scrap wood in a square shape I had laying around. =P


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