Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Adepticon or Bust

So I normally drop updates on regular basis, in fact in truth I miss writing and updating articles. Ranting and typing up my nonsense about 40k and the world that surrounds it. (I have battle reports I just have never gotten back to) Yet Adepticon is looming, and I with a new baby, full time job cooking along, house chores, and two other kids I was going to have to give up some time someplace to be able to finish my army in time. I should have known it would be a choir but I honestly thought taking a new army to Adepticon wasn’t going to be a big deal.  I think taking a new list or a new army in itself isn’t a big deal. I think the fact I can’t leave well enough alone is the problem. >_<

I went from Xenos to my first non Xenos army, (Yes I can feel the supporters of all things Xenos cringe as they read that) I like killing marines as much as the next guy well actually prob more, (Nom nom nom) I liked the fluff of GK’s and the models so I decided it was time to have a power armor army and I figured I would build a list to take to Adepty with me this year. That means display board, fully painted and all that jazz. I think this should have been simple. Build list, put together models, paint, practice, and have fun. Which if you knew me is not possible at all since I have to tinker; I started with good intentions and even a base list from online. I actually took a version of the list from 11th company and made a few swaps based on thoughts, playstyle and modeling. Then I gathered my new plastic crack, and built the list. Sadly it quickly turned into adding mods, and picking paint schemes. Then of course after playtesting my new list I ended up tweaking and modding the list which meant more new models and mods in an endless spiral while I was looking for something I liked. =P The prob is I like the hobby as a whole. I enjoy playing competitively; I enjoy the modeling and painting. So everything was justified as I went. I need to add this, so I need to get this, which also means I need these bits for conversion since I want it to look this way. It all ended up being more time consuming than I had planned.
On the plus side playing a new army has made 40k more interesting and fun than it has been in a long time. I get to use units that actually deploy and shoot. lol. I am on track to be done by Adepticon though which is a huge success, so if nothing else I have a another fully painted army.

I had a blast at Adepticon last year, so this year I expect more of the same. Last year I met a ton of cool people, took a ton of pictures and over all had a good time. This year I actually am meeting up with some peeps I know so it should be a bit more laid back instead of my randomly taking pictures and putting names to faces of internet people I have talked to before.  Expect updates to start coming in as my trip starts and if possible I'll be updating pictures of the event with some coverage in the evening since I will have internet access this year. (If I am not drunk, at a strip club, or exploring Chicago)

If you're going I'll see you there!!

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