Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Adepticon 2012 Armies from Friday

Adepticon has passed by in a blaze of glory much like THE HANGOVER, giving us memories of a tired but fun weekend. The super bowl or Wrestlemania of the GT scene Adepticon never fails to impress and offer a great experience for those that are able to make it out and throw dice, throw back beer, or just roam around the nerd herd enjoying our hobbies.

This year I was super busy, more than I thought I would be. I arrived Thursday early enough to chill out a few hours in the MASSIVE pre reg line Scoring a free BATTLE FOAM bag for my troubles. CHING CHING. The bag itself is the shield bag from the battlefoam web site with a limited edition Adepticon badge sewn into the front for those who MUST COLLECT EVERYTHING it is a really cool prize, for others it’s free battle foam bag which isn’t a shabby prize in itself.

I had plans to wonder about and shake hands and meet new people but instead I ended up spending all my free time wait.. there was no free time lol  This year playing in two events back to back I was exhausted and didn’t really have time to do anything. I was hoping to hang out with the DFG guys and buy a few rounds of drinks, and a few other people I have met having gone to a few events now. However I spent the whole time chilling with my “boys” who live in Chicago. Had a great time but it was super busy.

I’ll do a quick recap of my games and weekend once I get some time but until then here are some quick pictures I took of some of the armies from Friday’s event. I didn’t have time to get them all but I randomly took pictures of as many as I could before we actually had to play. honestly there is under half the field. =P Enjoy.  


  1. Thanks for posting the picture of my army!

    I'm the guy with the fortress (the last picture)...

    I'll be in some corner plotting... always with the plotting!


    1. NP thanks for stopping by, your army was one of the many cool armies on display and as always plotting is more than welcome around here. =P

  2. Thanks also for posting pictures of my army as well. Mine is the Grey Knights 7th from the bottom! It is also nice to see so many armies in one place!

    1. One of the great thing about large Gt's and adepticon more so is you see a ton of great armies painted up on display. Thanks for stopping by


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