Monday, March 12, 2012

Where are all the Space Wolves?

It seems like Space Wolves had been the new face of 40k for what seems like forever. Tony even did amazing with them on the tourney scene which seemed to only add fuel to the fire that they seemed to be the top dog around still. It’s a solid balanced book and while the haters are going to hate away the reality is the book has still stood the test of time IMO. It is a very valid and top contender still. Yet.. perhaps it’s just me but it seems like they are MIA lately. Even when I read about events around the country the Wolves seem to be hibernating someplace.

Were the majority of Space wolf player’s power players that jumped to the GK’s as the new power player on the block? This would line up with the timing I suppose and explain the LARGE number of GK players I see at events or did the release of Necrons make wolf players feel like it was time to go in a different direction?

Necron’s has been a sleeper army it appears. On paper the codex looks like it is lacking or missing something, yet I keep seeing them perform well. Like Skynet they seem to be the unexpected element that catches us by surprise. They are doing well at events which surprises me personally. Not because I don’t like the book, but more so that I expected the normal builds to be about turn and board control. They would be a play the mission army and try to win by one objective using trickery. However they seem to be doing much better than that. Necrons are winning and showing on top tables and being more of a force than I originally predicted them to be.

The current state of meta brings up several interesting questions I think.

Are the Necrons doing well because they are a top tier codex, will they stand the test of time or are they getting that extra power from being a newer book, while the meta adjusts and people get used to playing the new kids on the block?

Are GK’s falling short? I see that people appear to be playing them more and more, but they aren’t pulling out the strong wins or victories I see them still only being on par with IG and Crons lately. Will people get aggravated and move back to SW’s? I also see people who have been doing amazing with them backing off of them because they want to play something different. Could this again see a rise in Wolf players?

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