Sunday, February 5, 2012

Happy Birthday Emperor's Codex!!

So in our yearly birthday tradition this post has a picture of a SteamPunk Girl. What's that? It can't be a tradition if it's the first year you say.. ? You have to start somewhere and what's a better tradition than STEAM PUNK GIRL? Dead tree with lights on it? pffft cake and candles...pffft.. well... if the steam punk girl came out of the cake with candles maybe.. hmmmm... Anyway moving on..

Today my internet home on the corner of nonsense and many pictures, where I "sling" my random musings of tactics, things going on, and metaphors about our hobby time, is officially a year old. For an entire year I have been keeping on with the...ummm.... on.. I suppose. 

The first year has been great online IMHO, content stayed flowing, and I even picked up a few stray guest authors hitchhiking across the internet. Thanks to my good RL friends DFK, and EAP for pitching in from time to time. The blog has changed its original focus over the year, but the over all intent is the same. To help be involved and grow the online community. So thanks to all of you that stop by, follow, email, and comment.

While your here though let's highlight a couple contests going on because who doesn't like free stuff?

Cupboard of NURGLE is having a contest giving away NURGLE Stuff of course. All you have to do to win is sell your soul to the Lord of DECA... wait.... oh I was reading that wrong you just have to follow the blog.. That is a ton less intense I suppose at a chance to win..  Linky here.

MWC is having another Conversion contest with BIG MONEY, BIG PRIZES, I'D BUY THAT FOR A DOLLAR Action going on!!! 

Are you Converting MONSTER then this is the contest for you? 

Already working on a vehicle project!! That's perfect timing WIN A PRIZE while your at it?

Haven't a clue what your doing with glue, or just aren't really a converter? Just shake some bits together in a box with glue and put a ork in the driver seat when your done and send in a picture!! (You never know till you try right?) 

1st Place
$100 Gift Certificate to Kabuki Models!!!!!!!
1 Model voucher to Hitech Miniatures (Can be redeemed for any model)

2nd Place
$25 Gift Certificate to a FLGS 
1 Model voucher to Hitech Miniatures (Can be redeemed for any model)

3rd Place
$15 Gift Certificate to VoodooWorx
1 Model voucher to Hitech Miniatures (Can be redeemed for any model)

Linky for more information here


  1. Congrats on the year - I've enjoyed reading your blog over the past 12 months, and look forward to more over the next year. Keep up the great work!

  2. THanks for the kind words guys!!


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