Saturday, February 11, 2012

Acolyte paint scheme

So I am super busy and I have been having some camera issues so I have missed a post or two I was hoping to get out already. However thought I would drop a quick line and show some painting. Pictures are from my phone so they aren't fantastic.

The first squad of three is done in my test colors and I feel they came out really well. The detail really doesn't show in these picture but hey what can you do sometimes. =P The bases need a bush or two but over all they are finished and since I have the process down I'll be moving on to the other squads as well so expect more progress shots soon.

The armor is heavily weathered which you can only kind of see in the pictures, and his clothing is dark red which looks great in person but doesn't appear to photograph super well without great light since its so dark. The base is done in dessert after a few test bases I ended up going with the colors from the Armageddon book. 

The squad looks really sharp when all together and I am over all happy with the color scheme. The base is nice contrast to the dark models and will also look great in contrast to the silver on the actual GK's and vehicles. The stone came out great also and again will really pull the army together since I have them scattered across the army. 

Here is a better shot of the base with the stone on it. The guy is blurry but you can see the detail on the face from the back of the model. 

More coming soon... 


  1. Looks good man.
    You running them with Hellguns?
    Can't wait to see the rest at the next tournament.

  2. Thanks Edge

    They normally just are laspistols because I like them as cheap as possible and because I don't know that I could model them with stormbolters in some easy manner that still looked cool. (although I have considered the hot shot las gun in some testing) I'll be at the CAG event next time I get to go out. I am hoping to at least have made a dent in the painting by then. It all depends on the baby and school though honestly. =P


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