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1850 RTT Quick bat reps

The event was a good time, the missions ended up being  a bit wonky and causing confusing in how they scored them but over all a good time was had, which is normal for a event at Eastside Games and Cards. Link to results is here if you haven't seen it.

I went into this event as a great chance to play a few games and really test out my GK's. Since I don't get to play as often as I would like a tourney can be a awesome way to get some solid test games in to really understand what units do on the table vs in theory or on paper. We all know sometimes they don't match up. I had only a few games under my belt so far with the army so I knew that I was still in the learning curve phase.

My list roughly.

Libby, with quickening, summoning, might of titan, warp rift, shrouding

5 x 3 puny humans in Razor with Fancy ammo and search light
6 Deathcult girls of killy death, Razor with fancy ammo and searchlight

Land Raider Redeemer with assault cannon, melta, fancy ammo, searchlight
2 X Dreads with twin link autocannons fancy ammo searchlight's

Ven Dread twin linked AutoCannons Fancy ammo Searchlight
2 X 5 Purifiers, hammer, 2 pyscannons, 2 halberds, rhino, searchlight

The event used Adepticon missions from last year game one was basically table quarters, KP's, and center objective, but the center can only be held by a HQ.

<Disclaimer there isn't near as many pictures as normal since my camera was dying.>

Round 1 VS Chaos Demons Fatecrusher
I pulled Brian L fellow club member, who was running a pretty standard Fatecrusher build.

2 Units Blood crushers
5 horrors
5 plague bearers
3 DP's of Zinch
11ish Seekers

Wasn't a good Match up for Brian, and Demons are my primary army so I know what they do better than your average player you run into. Then to make it worst he get's the wrong wave to boot.

I fill my deployment zone with armor, leaving him a small spot to attempt to land in the back if he wants to risk it. (always a good strategy to encourage DS mishaps against people with heavy DS armies) This was a shooting gallery of a game. I didn't push forward enough though, and made a couple mistakes with the army as I was over eager to try other things out. However the problem was that even when he got close I am better in assault than he is. I ended up multi charging crushers and fateweaver wiping out the crushers and killing fateweaver with Fearless combat res wounds. The game didn't go past turn 5. I was rolling below average with shooting all game and hoping for a turn 6 to cement a solid win. Instead it was closer than I thought. I ended up getting KP by one, the center objective, but a push on table quarters.

Things to note. The shooting in this army is great even with my below average rolling it didn't matter because I had so much shooting and most of it is twin linked, so I only suffered on wounding even with bad dice.

Warp Rift beat face, I jumped out and hit his Crushers with Warp Rift before charging and I ended up killing half of them.

I stayed castled a bit too long and needed to be pushing for the table quarters a bit sooner I am not used to the list yet. I also could have used the Summoning to win table quarters this game if I would have thought about it. It's clear I am not used to playing the army.

Round two.

Matched up against Monger and his CRONS. A heavy Wraith build, list from memory was something like.
"I control your tank" HQ on barge
Destroyer lord with mind bugs
two  units of Wraiths with whip coils
7 scarabs
5 immortals with Veil Cryptek
2 units 5 warriors with Lance Cryptek
2 Lance Crypteks rolling together
3 Spyders

The mission is basically having more units in your opponents deployment zone, killing half his army measured with KP's and objectives.

We rolled off and I let Monger have first turn, I wanted to see how he would deploy and I wanted to attempt to seize on him using Coteaz which I understand isn't good odds, but it's nice when it happens. He deploys pretty centrally.  I end up seizing and I will tell you Cron players don't like searchlights. I wipe out his scarabs even in cover, and I start putting wounds on the wraiths right away. The game is again a shooting gallery. Monger moves up and I tear down parts of his army every turn.  We end up losing track and being pressed for time. Monger plays well and even though I have his back to the ropes all game he keeps the pressure on waiting for me to make a mistake or have a bad turn. Two things happen back to back, and he is able to really punish me for it turning the tide just as time runs out. I jump out and WARP RIFT his wraiths plus destroyer lord wiping out over half the squad again like with the crushers (WARP RIFT FTW!!). Then rolled bad to assault the unit and failed.... His unit is able to break away and move into my lines away from my DCA and libby... He spends his turn getting into my deployment zone and I lost my chance to kill off his unit. I should use summoning, then jump in the raider, and push the raider into his lines or chase his Wraiths. I however jump in the raider with my DCA and it immob's itself on terrain!!! wow bad timing lol,  so now because I got in I am no long holding the objective, and I lose the ability to do anything with my unit this turn since I can't get back out!! It was funny and also highlights the fact I didn't use the summoning like I was planning, costing me the win. On Mongers turn he pushes into my deployment zone and wins that objective, we tie on objectives, and we both tie on KP's. If I would have summoned my unit I would have won objectives and won the round on VP also if there was one more turn I could recovered but oh well. It was a great game..

Again I learned I need to use my mobility with this army better, and I again missed a chance to use summoning in a useful manner in the game. Mind you DS is less than reliable, it's not a sure thing, but it was still a option like in the first game I failed to use correctly in my list. Warp Rift again was awesome as Wraiths with Whip coils could be very troublesome for DCA I think. Also I could have made my assault more reliable than I did but I didn't think I would kill so many with Warp Rift and I wanted the option to use my flamestorms on each side. So I parked to be able to do so on two different squads depending on how things went that turn. Looking back the assault was vastly more important.

Searchlights again make me not care at all about night fighting and for the cost I think they aren't going anyplace. Monger went on to take second place though!! Congrats to Monger again if your reading this! =)

Round 3

Round 3 I faced a crazy shrike list from Diamond Dickie another club member. I appear to only be drawing club members the last few times I have gone to events lol. Its a odd list and Dickie has been having mixed results with it I think. From memory it was something like.

libby in term armor
10 terms
7 terms
thunderfire cannon
3 land speeders with melta and scouts inside them
10 tac marines
Razorback las plas

mission was one marked unit, objectives, and KP's

The board we played on was a city fight board. Like the terrain was crazy as you can see from the pictures. LOS blocking everywhere it was over kill and really made it a different sort of game I thought.
Dickie's list basically rushes you, he infiltrates and then bum rushes you with just about everything. The terms the scouts and everything. In our game because I had servo skulls so he couldn't really infiltrate at all against me. Then because my razors are normally deployed empty he really didnt' have anything to bum rush with his scouts. So it was a bit different. He used shrike to go for a first turn assault and wrecked a razor, but then I just ID killed him with a dread. I also took out his thunderfire cannon turn one. I assaulted into his terms when they got close enough with my DCA to see what would happen. They ended up eating the terms over a couple combats but, his counter assault with his other squad pulled them down over 3 or 4 turns. I ended up wiping out most his list except for one squad o terms by the time the game was over though.  He was holding me up as best he could but the last round I made a push and did serious damage to his list. The LR plowed through cover FLAMING some scouts down to one that broke and ran off the board and a objective. A squad of purifiers killed the last remaining tac squad in hth to steal another from him. My other squad of purifiers rescued my IG dudes, from his lone libby claiming another objective for me. I ended up with a solid win KP's, objectives, and marked unit.

So I learned a ton and have some idea's how to take the army to the 2000 point level now or at least a list I want to test. I ended up finishing 5th I think.

Things to note
I didn't lose any dreads all day, they took some fire but never died.

My LR actually didn't die all day and did its job in every game for the most part.

The Purifiers did exactly what I hoped they would do pepper shots and be a flexible unit that can react to
things as needed. I need to learn to use them better but over all they preformed very well I felt.

I never felt like I was lacking anything all day either aside from practice with the army.

I reserved the 3 man units all day and I need to decide if there is ever a time you wouldn't put them in reserve? Having them further up the board makes it easier to get them to longer range objectives, but singles them out as more valid targets than the empty razors. Not to mention explode results will really hurt them.
More play testing is needed and of course the army needs some paint, so it isn't a wall of primer death. Also still playing around with idea's to grow the list to the 2000 points level. More pictures and in depth reports in the future as I test though STAY TUNED. =P

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  1. Nice reports C, that game is a prime example of Lady Luck in action! But it also shows that you should never give up even when your opponent is mopping up the floor with you. Because you never know when Fortune will look favorably your way and throw you a bone. :)


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