Saturday, January 7, 2012


DFK! here, checking in as 2011 has ended and 2012 is revving up.

First off, let me give a major "sorry for lack of content" to both Drkmorals and the forum readers. I signed on last spring hoping to do a couple articles a month, but if we average it out I'm probably sitting at more like 1 a quarter. Lamez0rs. I can't promise to publish more in 2012, but it's something that I certainly hope to do. I have more concepts/articles in mind than I have time to write, which brings me to the next point.

Seems like the modern world is all about doing more with less. Being more efficient. Managing your time and energy. Etc. etc., blah blah. The bottom line is that most people I know are absurdly busy unless they're unemployed, single, and have no children. And even those guys seem to be finding things to do to fill up their time.

However, we must set against this backdrop of huge time demands a true liberalization of "stuff to do." The modern world (or at least modern America, for you overseas readers) is a dramatically more diverse place than 50 or even 20 years ago. (Thanks webertubernetz). Think about it, 50 years ago, unless you were in a major urban area, you had seasonal sports, 3 TV channels, and maybe the fair or a personal hobby.

Today, you could have a gajillion hobbies, 1000+ channels, new movies streaming/for rent/at theaters every week of the year, sports run all year round, and/or family and a dayjob. Take me for example: I have a day job, a spouse, 3 major hobbies, and quite a bit more I'd like to find time for; but there just aren't enough hours in the day. Or days in the week. Or weeks in the year, or whatever.

Point is, how do you balance all this out? I have no clue. If you do, please let us know.

I think the bottom line is just to set little goals (very hard for us procrastinators). Wanna get that army done? If you're like me, you see the vast amount of models in the army, get discouraged, and then go watch Netflix instead (or play Xbox, or prep to GM/play roleplaying games, or some other hobby, see above). Focus instead on the unit, or find ways to work on this stuff while you're also doing something else. We all focus on efficiency and "more with less" at work, why not at home?

For example, my spouse doesn't really mind if I'm painting miniatures while we watch the evening show or movie together. What matters to her is that we're "together." So I try to remember to break the paints out and get SHTUFF DONE. Doesn't always work that way, but it's an example of trying to maximize the hours.

In the end, it's about prioritization. Your family or job should probably come first in all this. After that though, what matters to you? When you're 70 and looking back, do you want to think to yourself "boy I'm glad I managed to watch every single episode of Lost on Netflix 3 times each?" Or would you instead like to say something like "my friends and family had a great time playing/building those miniatures and playing that game?" Or going on a camping trip. Or whatever it is that brings you joy.

TV and movies are easy, and if that's what you really love then you need to be watchin' the shit outta some Hulu. But if you'd rather be with friends then find time for a weeknight game of 40k. Play smaller, go 750 points. Do whatever other hobby works for you. Just make the time.

I know I've been too much of a couch lizard this year. If you've got good motivational tips, Comment below and tell us what you do to stay active, motivated, and doing the things that matter.


  1. Great Blog!!

    Im following You!

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  2. Always glad to have another follower and you don't have a shabby blog yourself sir!!. I'll be following you and adding you to our blog roll here next time I update the site. =)

  3. I am thinking the same thing with multiplying time, meaning do more things at once. For some strange reason I am thinking of exercising more this year, so that would be tough with painting, but great to recoup after a run or hike. I usually have a movie on in the background while painting, or even better, I play the director commentary of my favorite movie. LOTR Appendix is amazing, same with Matrix. Thanks for sharing and hopefully the more folks comment the more you will write. I'm doing my part. (think Starship Troopers)


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