Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Year's Resolution's Bloggers supporting Bloggers

Ahhh the New Year has arrived and the majority of people I know celebrate in a traditional next day hang over fashion. (Some of you have been practicing all year for this lol) While we crawl off the floor and try to figure out who’s house we ended up passing out in and who we may or may not be dating all of a sudden it’s time for another tradition for the new year.

It’s that time when we make promises that we most likely won’t be able to stick to.No I don't mean starting a relationship, I am talking about NEW YEARS RESOLUTIONS. I am sure several of you out there are going to improve your life in some manner. Figuring out a way to make more moneys, remembering to feed the dog,  hitting the weights, putting down cancer sticks, or picking up guitar picks. I have several Art friends that will set art goals and several paint and hobbyist that will set hobby goals.

This short blurb isn’t for them though. This is for my blogging community. Readers, writers, and blog owners alike where ever you fit in as you read this I wanted to first off say Thank You. The online community continues to grow and more importantly support itself, as well as the others involved in the hobby. So many great people are involved in this hobby. We all know real life gets in the way of the more interesting things you would rather be doing from time to time. We all have responsibilities and commitments that we must attend to before we can make time for ourselves. The hobby is our time away from the stresses, the chance to be creative, and a fun time with friends. I want to remind everyone that the blogging part of the hobby is the same for a large part of the community.

Updating, managing, and working on a blog takes up a bit of time to say the least. Also everyone out there with a blog has started it for different reasons I won’t even pretend that I can put a label or a stereotype on your average blogger. For some it’s to share progress, for others to inspire themselves to keep going. Some blogs seek net fame, while others work to help grow and build the community. The point is that people working to give back or join the community is never a bad thing, and as I enter the new year one of my resolutions is to comment more on the sites I bounce around too. I invite anyone doing this to do the same. Offer a little feedback and encouragement to the sites that you enjoy or stop by too often a little more frequently this year. I personally view my blog as a bit of a online magazine with some goals I am working toward and comments while always welcome and enjoyed aren’t what keeps me going. I know several other bloggers that I personally have spoken with though and every comment is like a reminder to keep up the good work from friends, almost like a small thank you for taking the time.

So I encourage you to comment a bit more often wherever your online journeys take you. Perhaps even to follow or add some more sites to your RSS if your journeys take you the same place often.

Happy New Year from the Emperor’s Codex and I hope you continue to join us as we head into 2012 there is much planned for the year both online and off.


  1. I think that sounds like a great idea. Supporting the community and the hobby in general is always welcome. Let me be the first to comment!!

  2. Thanks Feldmarshal appreciated, I am already making a effort to comment more myself as I read the blog circles I travel. =)

  3. agreed with this. We're over at Stahly's blog, it's good fun but more when people follow and comment.


  4. The hobby is far more social than I think it gets initial credit for Rev. Also Stahly's is a great newer addition to the online community like what you guys are doing over there. Keep it up!!


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