Wednesday, January 25, 2012

New Son Born as of 13:09 Today!!!!!

I have fallen off my normal posting schedule because my hands have been full. Today is officially Happy Birthday for my youngest Son as of 13:09 Eastern time 1/25/2012.  

Baby Liam 7lbs 3oz 19inches long. Everyone is healthy and happy and if I could give you all cigars I would!!! 


  1. Congrats! Just because he's a little dude resist the urge to paint him!

  2. Thanks Lucky!!!

    HAHA thats a good point Sonsoftaurus!!! He is a way larger scale than I am used to painting. =P

    THanks DFK

  3. Congrats C, glad to hear everyone is doing fine!

  4. THanks Btc001!!! See some Congrats from the other side of the planet. That's why this hobby and community are awesome!! =P

    Thanks Monger

    Thanks William

  5. Congratulations!!! Your life will be better in ways you cannot fully understand right now!


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