Friday, January 6, 2012

ForgeWorld Sneak Peeks for 2012

Forgworld released a news letter with a couple of teaser pictures of upcoming models. Take a look below as we can only guess at what these could be. In fact because of how 40k is we don't know if they are good or bad guys lol.

So while it appears to be power armor for sure we don't know too much more. Also it looks as if there is another vehicle coming down the pipe and Forgeworld does make some nice vehicle kits. Although a bit pricey. 


  1. Emperor's Children perhaps?
    pre-heresy/heresy mark armour...though the small icon on the right pad of the chaplain-like helmed model is odd, it's a good way to represent the Chaplain that Lucius kills on Istvaan.

  2. I think the second guy is probably chaplain ivanus enkomeni from the minotaurs chapter.

  3. @EAP Man some Forgeworld Emperor's Children would be pretty cool!!! I hadn't thought of that option.

    @Vitor That would be cool although I confess I know very little about the Forgeworld back story and characters. They just aren't played that often in my local meta.

  4. Well, I had a complete frikkin miss on the iconography...derp!
    good catch, Vitor...I just didn't pull the connection at all, I think my heresy era uber-geek kicked in when I saw that armour/chappy head.
    Though I gotta say, I'm less excited for that one. I have a pre-heresy Istvaan III (loyalist) army, but my 'middle-era' material is Howling Griffons.


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