Monday, January 16, 2012

ForgeWorld - Fimir Warriors and Skaven Wolf Rats

Forgeworld Newsletter dropped this weekend and we have the official release of the Fimir Warriors and of the Skaven Wolf Rats Pictures and Info listed below.


Once, when all the world was fog-shrouded and dark, legend has it that the dreaded Fimir once ruled, tearing down the cities of the High Elves and struggling in bloody conflict against the wild and brutish forebears of Sigmar. For centuries they roared the praises of the Dark Gods over blood-splattered altars, then the world changed and their gods left them to suffer a slow and lingering decay.
Cold-hearted, cruel and mightier than any man, the Fimir are said to possess but a single baleful eye atop a pointed snout bristling with jagged fangs. Larger and more ferocious than the sorcerous Draichs, Fimir Warriors boast tails tipped with bony clubs and yellow-grey flesh that is all but immune to pain.


Not even the insidious rat-men themselves know the origins of the ravenous packs of Wolf Rats that are found almost everywhere that the Skaven themselves infest. Neither wholly rat or wholly wolf, but instead an aberrant and savage amalgamation of the two, Skaven Wolf Rats are kept by the rat-men for a myriad of uses; for guarding their lairs, as hunting beasts, and occasionally even as food. In battle packs of these hellish creatures will be unleashed ahead of Skaven troops, for unlike the cowardly rat-men the Wolf Rats are fearless shock troops, eager to feast upon the flesh of those who face their ferocious assault.


  1. awwww those wolf rats are sort of cute/cool wondering how I can include them in my SW army!

  2. It would be pricey but you could use them in your SW army. They would be the coolest extra wound models (That's usually why SW players take a few wolves isn't it? lol)


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