Thursday, January 19, 2012


Forge world continues to drop great looking models and these are no exception. They seem to be on a roll lately it has been some time since they released something I didn't think was pretty impressive or fun in some way. The Chaos Dwarf line really is starting to stand out, and be something that I think would look pretty amazing on the table together. Take a better look at the newest member of the family of models below.


The cruel and malign race of Chaos Dwarfs, who refer to themselves as the Dawi Zharr, long ago abandoned the ancient Dwarf gods they once worshipped, and pledged themselves wholly to Hashut, the Father of Darkness. Now they no longer value the old ways of their noble and honourable kin and instead covet strength and power above all else, seeing other living creatures as chattels to be used and discarded in their brutal forge-citadels which dominate the Plain of Zharr. 

For information or to throw your hard earned gold at the makers of these models so you too can paint them head over to Forgeworld for more information. All rights belong to them of course. 

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