Tuesday, January 17, 2012

FAQ's things you should know

I know not everyone who is into this hobby lives and breathes the rules per say... but the nets have been all buzzing like a frat boys locked over night in a liquor store with the new FAQ's that came out across several armies. There are some great things in there that have been a long time coming.. Some useless nonsense as well though.. What do we care about? What might you actually see or need to know as you play? Here are some quick things to note if you haven't bothered to really read into them yet.

Chaos Marines

Q: When working out which targets are visible to a
Chaos Dreadnought suffering from a Fire Frenzy result,
are you limited to those units within the 45 degree line
of sight of its weapons? (p40)
A: Yes

That's right finally some clear rules so that this doesn't cause an argument. We already play it this way locally but its always great to make the Chaos dreads more playable without any questions about how it works. So your local Chaos players might be fielding more Dread's from now on.

Q: Is Lash of Submission a Psychic Shooting Attack and
must it roll To Hit? (p88)
A: Yes to both questions. Note that if it misses, it will
have no effect

I have no idea why all of a sudden they Nerf Lash a bit? But you guys now have to roll to hit although your BS is pretty good so you shouldn't notice most the time.

Q: Does Typhus’ weapon, Manreaper, follow all the
rules on page 93 for Daemon weapons? (p55)
A: Yes

If you play Typhus , you want to roll less one's.

Q: Does Warptime allow the psyker to pick and choose
which To Hit and To Wound dice he will re-roll? (p88)
A: No. He can decide after each To Hit or To Wound roll
but he must re-roll all dice or no dice

Warp time get's hit with the Nerf Bat I know a few people that aren't going to like this ruling.


Q: If there isn’t space on the board to place the Chaos
Spawn created by Boon of Mutation, what happens?
A: Move the models that are in the way the minimum
distance required to make enough space

This has only come up a few times in games I have seen but basically when the large bird of I am rolling lucky (Fateweaver) is spawning things you might have to back up and make room for you new spawn friend when your HQ or priest betrays you.

Blood Angel's

Q: When a unit of 10 Space Marines with the Combat
Squad special rule arrives from reserve as two combat
squads, can they move on from, or Deep Strike onto,
two different locations? (p23)
A: Yes

I want to point out this has been fixed for every marine codex. Two things to note about this, it makes your options much more flexible since now you roll once for the two combat squads that can DS in two different locations, and also you still cannot combat squad and deploy half the unit and reserve the other half.

Q: If a transport vehicle is destroyed in a Movement
phase in which it has moved flat out, what happens to
any embarked models, as passengers may not
disembark from a vehicle that has moved flat out in
that Movement phase? (p70)
A: They are removed as casualties

This isn't going to happen very often but its a good thing to know and is how it works for Eldar, and Orks.


Q: If a model with Lash Whips is attacking a model
with an Initiative-boosting rule/piece of wargear (e.g.
Furious Charge, an Eldar Banshee Mask etc.), which
order are the Initiatives modified? (p83)
A: The Lash Whips will reduce an enemy model’s
initiative to 1 before any other modifiers are applied.
So, a model with Furious Charge that assaults a Tyranid
with Lash Whips will strike at Initiative 2, a Grey Knight
with a Nemesis force halberd will strike at Initiative 3
and an Eldar with a Banshee Mask will strike at
Initiative 10 in the first round of assault

This I think is a bit of a Nerf but also how they ruled the Necron's rule with wraiths.

Q: Does Shadow in the Warp affect psykers who are
taking a Psychic test whilst embarked within a
transport vehicle? (p33)
A: Yes

This again was a long time coming, and you know reading it off the top of my head I wonder if this will work on the GK vehicles since they are taking a leadership check?


Page 96 – Infantry Platoon, second sentence
Change to “Each Infantry Platoon is deployed in place
of a single unit in missions that limit the number units
that can be deployed. In addition when making a
reserve or outflanking roll, roll once for the whole
Infantry Platoon. Any units in reserve that are
embarked upon a non-dedicated transport are instead
rolled for separately.

This is interesting and changes how DOW and Outflanking can work for this army. Look out for some changes in tactics the IG can use now. Especially in DOW when they can deploy something silly like a 1000 points of their army depending on the list.

Q: Can Weaken Resolve target an enemy unit that is
locked in close combat? (p47)
A: Yes

Expect to see this come up as you play games as well. I don't think its over powered but its going to have some good tactical uses especially for people who are playing Straken lists I think.

And the one everyone was waiting for

Q: Is the roll for an Ever-living counter the same as a
Reanimation Protocol roll; does it benefit from the
resurrection orb? (p29)
A: Yes to both questions

This is a nice buff that I didn't see coming personally. Makes having a orb that much better.

Q: Do you roll to see if a hit with the Entropic Strike
special rule reduces a vehicle’s armour before rolling for
armour penetration? As all attacks at the same Initiative
are simultaneous, does this mean that other models
with the same Initiative will also roll to penetrate
against the reduced armour value? (p29)
A: Yes to both questions

This clears up a argument I have seen go down a few times now. So basically if they little bugs make it to your Land Raider it's most likely toast... you should move on and in reflection you perhaps shouldn't have put it there.

Q: How do you resolve the Entropic Strike special rule
against a vehicle squadron? (p29)
A: Roll a number of D6 equal to the number of hits.
Split the successes equally between all member of the
squadron with any excess allocated by the squadrons
controlling player. Then roll to penetrate as normal

This seems really odd to me personally since now if I can reach one vehicle in your Squadron all of them are basically screwed and gives yet another reason you shouldn't be running squadrons. I think GW secretly hates Squadrons.

Q: Can Canoptek Spyders add models to a unit of
Canoptek Scarabs that is locked in combat? (p46)
A: Yes

Who honestly didn't see this coming, if you have been complaining when people do this you should be ashamed and you might owe them an apology.

Q: If a death ray passes over 3 models out of 10 in a
unit, how many hits does that unit take? (p50)
A: 3

This also was easy to spot coming a long way off since the RAW makes it seem as though if you touch one ork all 30 take hits.. Which is fun... unless your playing the Orks. It really further nerfs this already glass unit though. Not horrible but its still pretty fragile for what you get out of it.

Q: What is the arc of fire for a gauss flayer array? (p53)
A: As it is mounted on the hull it will have a 45 degree
arc of fire. However it is slightly unusual in that it has
multiple gun barrels. As long as you can draw line of
sight along one of them, you can target the unit

This has come up in several test games from several people I know so its nice they explained this since the flayer array is such a odd weapon type.

Q: Does Writhing Worldscape cause every model moving
through difficult terrain, moving as if in difficult terrain
and counting as moving through difficult terrain to take
a Dangerous Terrain test? (p41)
A: Yes. For example a unit hit by a tremor stave would
have to take Dangerous Terrain tests if they moved in
the following turn, as would any unit moving in the first
turn of the game if their opponent had Orikan the

This is going to raise the stock in Dozer blades if this type of army catches on. It can be fun but I don't see it as being a dominate thing you run into on the tourney scene. Just be aware it will be very annoying to play this type of army since the abilities stack rolling for Dangerous terrain when you move anyplace will get old fast for horde players and for mech armies. I am pleased it gives people a reason to run C'tan's though since I am a little sad they aren't better.

Q: Must Imotekh the Stormlord roll to see if Night
Fighting continues at the start of the game turn? (p55)
A: No, he can attempt it but isn’t forced to

A tactical option that is good to know although I can't see many times you would not want to use your lightning ability for the points you pay for this guy.

Q: If a single model fails the Leadership test caused by
mindshackle scarabs, will his Attacks be resolved
against himself? (p81)
A: Yes

Q: If an Independent Character that has joined a unit is
affected by mindshackle scarabs will his attacks be
resolved against the unit he has joined? (p81)
A: Yes

These two above are very clear and go together. If you aren't running Mindshackle scarabs find the points to do so. This is a great ability to have and now that is completely clear it's a great way to defend yourself in Hth since Crons aren't good there. You want to always make sure you can use these on the IC or HQ since they are usually better in combat. On a failed LEadership as you can see they now fight for your side for the turn, and if you don't run them down when/if you win since your Necron's we now have it in writing that if the HQ is still standing he will stabby stabby himself. .

Q: If a vehicle with Quantum Shielding passes a cover
save against a penetrating hit, does it lose the bonus to
its armour value? (p82)
A: No

I don't know anyone who wasn't already playing this like this, however it was written odd.

Q: If I have 2 Royal Courts, can one model from each
be attached to the same unit? (p90)
A: Yes

This could have gone either way and really changes your build abilities with the army I think now. Making getting two RC's something you need to consider when list building.

Q: When using an abyssal staff, do you use the target’s
Toughness or Leadership for the purposes of working
out if Instant Death applies? (p84)
A: You use the target’s Leadership

This has been played both ways by people I know as well. This is a good rule you need to know if you play Deathstar type list.

Q: Can a veil of darkness be used instead of moving
onto the board when a unit arrives from reserve? (p84)
A: Yes

This is very interesting and again another tactical choice the Cron players get. Makes Veil that much more useful now and more and more worth its points if you aren't already taking it.

Q: If I choose to use a solar pulse to remove the effects
of Night Fighting for the turn, do I roll to see if
Imotekh’s Lord of the Storm special rule hits any enemy
units? (p84)
A: No.

Q: If an army contains Imotekh the Stormlord can a
Cryptek with a chronometron use it to re-roll the roll to
see if the Night Fighting special rule stays in effect? (p85)

A: Only if Imotekh is in the same unit as the Cryptek
with the chronometron

Why would you not take a Cryptek to do this? You might as well just add it to his cost when list building.


Page 46 – Scarab Hive, second paragraph
Change the second sentence to “On a roll of 2-6, add
one base to the Canoptek Scarab unit. This must be
placed within unit coherency of at least one base that
hasn’t been created this turn. It can move and act
normally this turn.

Yeah that's right Conga line nonsense put to a stop. Although I am surprised anyone was playing it that way personally but this is the one I heard the most complaints about online.


  1. Well the Warptime isn't really a nerf, it has always been that way, just no body played it that way.

    And you missed a big one for nids. The venomthrope rulings. Units assaulting do not have their Init dropped. This contradicts the core rules which say that if you have to take a test your init is dropped. Does not say it has to be from terrain. LAME.
    I'm still waiting to put my Prime in my warriors Spore pod.

  2. @ TheGraveMind Ahhh I did miss that one Thanks for the heads up. I clearly am so used to NIDS getting shafted that I didn't notice one more tweak against them lol.


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