Friday, January 27, 2012

Eastside Games and Cards Jan 21st 1850 results

Played in a RTT in the Cinci area on the 21st. The store was East Side Games and Cardss in Milton Oh
(You can find the link to them here)

We had 18 players show up for the 1850 event. The Adepticon Missions from last year is what was used for the 3 rounds of play with VP's as the tie breaker.

We had a good spread of armies show up as well

Justin       Orks
Eric Miller       Necrons
James C       GK
Mike West     BA
Charles          GK
Mark T
Edge               IG
Brian L       Demons
Russ                IG
Sean              Marines
James B       Nids
Dickie       Marines
Mike Willis
Joe               Eldar
Kevin K      Necrons
Jason M        Chaos
Jan T             SW

(If you're army type is blank or there is a mistake please leave a comment and I will fix it)

Let's see some pictures from a few tables round one!!!

Final Standing after the dust settled ended up

Rank                 W/L      Obj's   VP's
1 Justin    3W 6 3807
2 Eric Miller   3W 6 3078
3 James C    2W 7 4558
4 Mike West  2W 6 2560
5 Charles       2W        5      3402
6 Mark T    2W 4 3233
7 Edge            2W 4 2971
8 Brian L    2W 4 1572
9 Russ            1W 5 3592
10 Sean           1W 5 3120
11 James B    1W 5 3102
12 Dickie    1W 5 1923
13 Mike Willis  1W 4 2728
14 Joe            1W 3 2296
15 Kevin K    1W 2 2766
16 Ryan           0W 2 2442
17 Jason M    0W 1 2422
18 Jan T          0W 1 845

Prize support was given for 1st 2nd and 3rd with Kirby also winning the door prize which was 30 dollars. I am pretty sure 3rd was 30 dollars as well. I didn't see what 1st and 2nd got. Over all a great day of gaming and I'll post up some quick bat reps with what I learned soon. 

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  1. Nice pics C, 2nd place brought $40 which would leave $80 for first.


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