Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Video - Grey Knights VS Necrons Test game

So while life is keeping me stupid busy I did get a chance to get together with Mike and play a test game with my incomplete GK's I am building. I took all the models I have gotten cleaned up and glued together, (plus two borrowed rhino's from Mike) Mike wanted to test out armor 13 type spam list with some ghost arks, and to see if you could run Necrons without Scarabs. He also video recorded the test game, oh and he was being dad to his new daughter the whole time and she was not happy. =P As a father myself I didn't mind but it's funny. So you will hear baby during the video in several parts and sometimes she is happier than others. Viewer discretion advised if that sort of thing bothers you.

Just a quick test game between friends. Mike complains about GK's but he's joking he actually owns and plays GK's on a regular basis. =P I have to get used to the new style of play and I have some tweaks to make of course as I see what I like and don't. I was able to get one more game in with Drew that Mike recorded I'll see about getting that spliced together to throw up here as well.

Any comments or Questions are welcome. Pictures of my stuff is also incoming as I finish it and get ready to primer. Possibly pictures of the Necron's as Mike gets them together as well.

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