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Pink Horror Speed Painting Tutorial (The Ian Files)

Ian was a local part of our gaming group, a friend, and someone I wish I got to know better. You can read about him here if you haven't before. (Ian Tribute). He was a great painter, great with mods, and he did a ton of workshop's and helped others out locally, as well as commission work. Although he isn't with us anymore his spirit lives on. He posted a handful of great helpful articles online that I will repost with permission here over the next few weeks to share with the community in hopes it inspires and help out which is what he was shooting for. So without further intro from me I present the Ian Files. (Tips technically from the beyond)

Ian File # 4
Pink Horror Speed Painting Tutorial

Apologies in advance for the photo quality, was trying out the camera in my Droid. It seems that the camera is alright, (5mPx) but the light at the apartment is kinda terrible. Clicking on the thumbnail and zooming in presents a pretty okay picture.

1: After cleaning and pinning the models, prime with White. I recommend either Do-it Best Flat White Spray or P3 White Primer, I’ve had good experiences with both.

2: Take Vallejo Game Color “Squid Pink” and base-coat the models with a large flat brush. Thin your paint slightly with water and do two thin coats instead of one heavy coat. Let the pink dry COMPLETELY between coats! If you disturb paint while it’s drying you’ll leave ugly rough, patchy textures on the model.

3: After the final coat of pink has dried, wash the entire model liberally with Citadel Baal Red wash. Once again, I cannot stress enough that you must wait for the pink to dry completely. If you wash the model while the pink is still wet in the crevasses it will bleed into the wash and ruin the effect.

4: After the wash has dried completely, (and once again, completely!) thin down some Squid Pink and highlight the raised surfaces of the model, (tentacles, flexed muscles, jowls, et cetera.) I prefer a wet-brush method with a No. 0 Round, though if you’re a little shaky at it a solid dry-brushing will get you a similar effect.


1: Start by blocking in the flames with VGC Falcon Turquoise, if you’re feeling creative you can have the color running onto the skin of the Horror to simulate an engulfing magical fire.

2: Wash the Turquoise areas carefully with Citadel Asurmen Blue wash. Since Asurmen Blue is a dark wash, you don’t need to be very heavy with it.

3: Just like we did with the pink, re-line the high points of the flame with Falcon Turquoise.

4: Start mixing in White to your Falcon Turquoise, beginning with a 1:3 White/Turquoise ratio, and highlight the flames again, but this time over a smaller area, so that the previous color shows a bit. Do this a few more times, gradually increasing the amount of White each time, (1:2, 1:1, 2:1) and allowing the step below to show through a bit. By keeping your paint thin, you increase the transparency of the paint, which allows the layer below to show through the layer on top and helps with the blend.


1: Base coat with Citadel Tallarn Flesh

2: Wash with Citadel Ogryn Flesh wash.

3: Highlight with Citadel Dwarf Flesh

4: Highlight with Citadel Elf Flesh


1: Base coat with Citadel Dheneb Stone

2: Wash with Citadel Gryphonne Sepia wash

3: Highlight with VGC Bone White

4: Highlight with VMC Ivory

All that’s left is to pick out the eyes in Black and you’re done! Spray with a protective Gloss and then two or three coats of Dull to matte the model back down. I highly recommend Testor’s Glosscote and Dullcote, I’ve used it in high-humidity, winter cold and other undesirable coating conditions and NEVER had it fuzz or frost.

Here's all ten of the buggers together. Some of the Pink Horrors have Blue Horrors evolving/spawning/bursting from them, I used the same technique on the blue parts as I did the pink parts. Just base with Citadel's Mordian Blue, wash Asurman Blue, highlight again with Mordian Blue, then progressively bring the tone up by mixing in gradual amounts of Citadel's Space Wolves' Grey into the Mordian Blue.

Hope this was educational!



  1. I have always loved the Pink Horrors (and I remember the blue horrors too) so seeing how to easily paint the help me appreciate them more. Thanks for a good post. I am following you on my reader. Keep up the good work.

  2. Thanks for stopping by Talmstedt and for the kind words. Always appreciate someone else tracking my nonsense and stopping in once in awhile. =)


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