Monday, December 12, 2011

Grey Knight Update

So I threw up a battle report here testing out the list and making a few tweaks after a few games. I didn't actually throw up an progress shots of what I have done with the army. So let's do some recap and updating since really isn't that why most people have blogs? (well they also complain, and randomly make up reasons to post pictures of girls yeah you guys know who your are!! lol)

So I threw up some pictures of Coteaz and his girls here. You can see the simple basing theme and the DCA I made for the list. Following in line with that I have 15 Henchmen made for my min man squads I have been running.

The models as you can see are using the same Cork theme with broken statue's I was using on the DCA. I have of course made several molds and copies with Green stuff of the stature bits, so I wouldn't run out and I could use a ton all over the army. The models themselves are all metal you can find them here on GW site. They are Kasrkin IG models. I had never personally heard of them or seen them before. My buddy Edge just happen to have a bunch laying around he wasn't using for anything. Sold them to me at a good price since I liked them. Figured they would be perfect for the Project. (THANKS EDGE) 

I also posted up a review of the arm bits for dreads earlier you can find here.  I ended up getting my hands on two more sets of these from another friend who wasn't using them. I will say that having used them you most likely will have to fix or replace the barrels. They molds aren't perfect as with any resin stuff we normally get in this hobby. There can be some pits or small holes in parts of the bits too that will need to be repaired if that bothers you. I personally don't care for vehicles since it just shows wear or damage. Perhaps you are a bit pickier than I though and it wouldn't be a honest review without pointing that out. Now let's look at the Complete dreads a bit. 

So as you can see in what will turn out cool or horrible once paint has touched the model. I added green stuff tot he front of the dread to give it that armored mural type look. I used Death cult models to make partial presses to show respect to the other units in the army since it a GK army. I like the Death Cult Theme. I also put magnets on the arms and angled them slightly different on each side do the dread doesn't look so static and boring to me. Something people may or may not like. 

I added the INQ type symbols on the top as extra armor plates. Also molded and then with added damage to show age or a little battle wear on the model.

I did pretty much the same with the second normal dread int he army. A little different process and clean up. I also used Sisters Repentia molds for this one since I use them as DCA's in the army as well. Same concept just should turn out slightly different. Also again same theme on the basing as you can see. Even if they don't turn out perfect they at least don't look like plain AOBR dreads which is all they are. 

The army also runs a VEN Dread who is angled in a cool fashion and has magnets and the same basing. His arms aren't complete they are drying still so they aren't attached to him at the moment. He didn't get any fancy green stuff because really the Ven Dread looks pretty cool to start with. Plus since I am currently running one of them he doesn't need to look different in any way for the moment.

Libby is complete and while I left off his odd book in the sky banner he is pretty much stock. Just again he went on a base to match the army theme.

One squad of purifiers is complete there will be a second squad pretty much the same. The Halberds in such a small squad are a waste of points IMHO. However they look cool so they stay. =) 

These in addition to the same basing have the Templar Skeleton shoulder pads added to them. The second squad will be the same and any other actual GK in the army until my wife yells at me for buying so many silly shoulder shhhhhhhh.

The Land Raider Redeemer is fun and honestly I am not sure if it will stay or if I will end up running a more normal LR with Lascannons as I keep playing. I do oddly like running the thing in this army though. It has the Forgeworld Upgrade doors as you can see and is the theme for all the vehicles in the army if you go back and take a look at my initial Green stuff test bits. I have enough to do all my motor pool at this point. 

When some of the razors are done I'll throw up some pictures and of course as things actually get painted and completed. =) 


  1. That's some nice looking conversions you got going there! Waiting for painted pics :).

  2. Good god, that's a lot of Green Stuff molds. The assassin's on the Dred look like they could be amazing. It'd be interested to see what they look like even primed.

  3. Superlative apostrophe in the last post. IGNORE IT!


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