Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Geek Chic - A spotlight and some sale notes.

Geek Chic if you have never heard of them is company that basically makes furniture for gamer's. No I don't mean that shabby stuff you can buy at your local Warmart built in some Chinese factory where if you leave a bolt out while self putting it together with non English instructions hoping the pictures make sense it wobbles for the rest of its life, or I don't mean the crazy compact yet oddly affordable treasure you find while going through the Dungeon that is a IKEA store. 

I mean they make old school classy fancy furniture. The type of furniture that looks like the guy on the monopoly box owns it except it has all been done in a custom twist for gaming. Also just like the other things the Monopoly guy owns rest assured that several of us, (and I say US because I am including myself) can't afford several of these items. This is fancy stuff but if you have never seen any of it. It is well worth a look and drool in typical Forgewold type fashion. 

Let's take a look at some examples taken from the Site. All rights to them of course. 

The GM's Valet

"Evil geniuses need minions.
Game Masters know campaigns hinge on logistics. And what better way to handle your resources than the perfect minion? The GM's Valet is your trusted aide de camp. It is organized and always at hand, ready with the essentials to assist you in guiding adventures, testing heroes, and building the legends your friends will recount for decades.

What makes the GM's Valet a prized minion?
Wheels. Everything is better when it comes to you: pizza, doctors, the circus... The Mountain.
Flip-down desk. Transforms the whole piece into a campaign desk.
Portable Library. Keep your relevent reference materials at the game table, not in the other room.
Filing System. Piles are not a system.
Rail System. It's like your furniture has a utility belt."

They also offer several table types with the Gamer involved, I won't get into the details of each but here are a few pictures to give you an idea. 

The Portal

The Hoplite

And to really highlight the range of tables and touch on the wow I totally can't afford that options I present 

The Locus

Yeah that's right its a table with a 1080P Touch screen built into the thing. It has several bells and whistles that allow you to use this table to play several games and table top on it, as well as link friend via the internet to get your RPG Action going in a long distant type relationship. 

The point of this article is to show you this company and some of its cool furniture so I could also highlight the sale they currently have going on until Dec 31st. They are offering some free gifts for anyone who puts down a deposit on any of the furniture on the site as well as some discounts on some non furniture items that they also make in all wood grain goodness. Some fun Gamer Aids that you might be interested in. So things like this are currently on sale. 

Anyway the site is If you like anything you see and could use some more info. 

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