Tuesday, November 15, 2011

quick GK progress, and blogroll info.

 So I have been grinding away at building GK models the last week and half. I was told about a tourney this Saturday and the goal was to have enough built, and primed in time to take the army for a test spin. I have been doing pretty good I had already built Coteaz and his ladies and this week or so I have thrown together and added my mods to

2 Dreads
1 Ven dread
1 LR redeemer
12 henchmen
4 of 6 Razors

Really I am in the home stretch of getting the last of the Razors done and the weapons all good with the Green Stuff emblems and such on them. I am planning to borrow some units to get my army up to 1850. So it won't be what I would typically run but it will still be some practice with a codex I haven't played before.

I however still need a Libby and I went to two of the three stores in my area already and no dice. They don't have the dumb libby because FINECAST makes getting one horrible and slow. Finecast you are messing with my mojo man!!! WTF .. I might have to borrow that too, we shall see.

Anyway just a quick update on what I am doing game wise and a complaint about finecast. (like there aren't enough of those around.) If I finish before Friday night I will take some pictures of the stuff before and after Primer to throw up on the blog. If not I will have pictures of my games at the very least to share with you guys.

ALSO before I run off and get glue on my fingers again. I will be updating a few things on the site this weekend. So if I am on your blog roll but your not on mine leave a comment, or if you want to do a blog roll exchange let me know. I try to link to everyone that links to me even if you don't contact me but its hard to track that.

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