Monday, November 7, 2011

Necron's Complaints already?

In the Grim dark future there is no Maytag Repair man, because the robots repair themselves.  Yes that’s right unless you live under a rock (like a caveman) you know that the Necron codex dropped and the undead pet project of the Ctan have gotten an update. I don’t mean some shabby windows update that makes you restart your computer two times when you clearly don’t want to right now. I mean a real manly update that would make Tim Allen proud.  You get all kinds of new shiny for your Metallo inspired army.  What is better than metal hungry soul less killing robot zombies? Well fluffy robot zombies of course! Wait, no I don’t mean like that unicorn in Despicable Me, although feel free to model your new army as fluffy bunny crons if that amuses you.

No I mean we actually get a back story that gives them some character and depth. In the past the codex was cold, like your friends ex wife cold.  Yeah that was fitting since they are cold lifeless machines and you can argue that they had some cool points with the ancient C’tan waking up and fighting amongst themselves like children using their new robots like battle chess because the deceiver tricked the Nightbringer or some nonsense. (Although he should have seen it coming he is named “the Deceiver”) Really they had some interesting background things about how the army got to where it is, but the units themselves acted out with less character than the borg. Show up, march forward, shoot, get assaulted , and phase out. Oh wait that’s game play.. I get those confused sometimes.. Moving on..

What I am saying is now they have some flavor. They have bitten the hand that feeds them, threw it in a jar and hell they even march the hand out making it epic slap fight things for them.  You even get to choose the flavor of the hand. I am a scissors guy myself, but feel free to try out paper or rock.

I am going to go ahead and say it, the factions in the book are cool and again really give the army something it was lacking. People have a reason to build themed armies now. Also in your new themed army you can actually add other units! Yeah that’s right even if you’re upset with the codex because you have grenade envy as you stare down Matt Ward. You still have a ton of new options and models. A majority of the line got a face lift and that isn’t even all the options releases still to come, that’s enough new models to shoot a rap video. 

Your rules got a update and your points costs so while you wait to hear what the pink marsh mellow of tactics has to say about which units you should spam to win in epic fashion you can at the very least play test the new toys.  I am not trying to tell you to buy everything new in the book just letting you know that it’s ok to be excited and play with the new stuff. Proxy some stuff on the table and “Echo” our “doll house” friends and just try to be your best.   

You get a light switch for Night Fighting special rules

You get to make all difficult terrain Dangerous

You get Scarab’s right out of the mummy movie that literally eat the armor value and THEY ARE BEASTS how cool is that?

You get a model that basically posses another model ever time he dies. (Mine is going to be called Agent Smith)

Str 10 AP 1 Line of Death you can’t tell me this isn’t worth at least some play testing?

Sure the Codex isn’t perfect but none of them are. You can’t complain every time the codex isn’t perfect (and I hope you have a different outlook on dating)  I am saying tons of voices said “I want a update” and it seems like sometimes we are a little quick to point out what’s wrong with a codex with lightning speed. Let’s try something different out, let’s play around and see what is cool. Try stuff out and not compare it to the marines, I mean if you want melta and shooting or whatever else you feel you must have then play marines. They have that stuff and don’t worry, I know the internets seem to be for complaining but I promise the internet will be here to complain to later. It’s not going any place. It’s not a super highway it’s more like a vast network of bridges and trolls live under most of them. 


  1. I love the new Codex so much, I'm having alot of fun building lists from it. I fail to see how anyone can complain.

  2. haha, funny article :) the complaining has been annoying me as well. most of it is coming from people who complained that all new books are marine codexes, and who are now complaining that necrons cant do what marines can do.

  3. Good point. I think the Necron codex has its weaknesses, but it certianly has some of the funnest special rules and I love the new unit selection.

    Trolls will be trolls because its what makes them happy the trick is to ignore them.

    @Atriedes - I feel like I am cyber stalking you, honestly I am not, you just seem to be the comment above mine a lot at the moment lol.

  4. @warflake I think people enjoy to complain. Glad you enjoy the book though!!

    @Atreides I think you might be on to something there lol Thanks for stopping by and bringing your stalker with you =P

    @ Kraggi All codex's have draw backs other wise the game would just be about playing the newest book. The new units are fun and again I am glad to see that people actually enjoy the book too. Negative news travels so fast.

  5. Looks like you were wearing your Sunday Best when you made this post. Hope you don't mind the shout out on my weekly themed top x. Cheers and thanks for sharing.


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