Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Flak Cannon/Auto Cannon Dread arms

So in my quest to put together Grey Knights like several other power armor players I needed options to make my psyfleman dreadnoughts. There are a ton of options and conversion and ways you can go about this process. You can even break down and get some arms from Forgeworld if you would like to go that way.After looking at what my friends have done and what options are online I ended up with an option I originally found on our good buddy Warflake's blog. He says he found them on Dakka. I read Dakka but only the bat reps section I don't normally run around any place else not that its a bad site I just don't read forums much. (in fact that is why I post my bat reps on that forum since I read them there I feel obligated to share the one's I write. lol )

The company makes resin bits and casts of all kinds of things that as far as I can tell are produced and made for us in the community to use for mods or upgrades. The product we are talking about today though is the Flak Cannon

As you can see this appears like it will work great for some Dread arms and comes in at a pretty good value price wise. (not shabby even with shipping from over sea's I thought) The Flak cannon is about 10 USD's and as you can see comes with what we can use for two arms. So not shabby compared to our Forgeworld option or even buying the Terrain Kit from GW to steal the guns off of. 

I place my order and paid without any issues, in fact I sent them a email because initially they had been out of stock. It appears they are really great about restocking items pretty quickly though which is a plus for any company. Also I got a response from my email in a day or so as well answering all my questions in a polite and professional manner.  Good Price, so far good customer service, hmmmm 2 for 2. 

My order arrived faster than I had expected after placing it so again another plus. I took some quick snapshots after I got the items the other day to share with you guys online. 

It came in small cardboard package with stamps and enough tape to protect it from a nuclear blast. I honestly had no idea how to open the thing because of the tape lol. However inside the box was a plastic package with no real inserts of any type. No company logo or even a small card advertising a new item which isn't bad but if they are reading I feel they are missing a advertising chance. 
Inside the package was the two cannons I had ordered in little plastic baggies. 
The two cannons come in 5 bits as you can see here. I could prob fit this on top of a razor or a rhino with ease but I am mainly concerned at the moment with the Dread arms.  

If we look at the bits on the left it appears that the gun barrels are slightly warped but nothing horrible. I am going to guess that with a little hot water we can fix that. Seems to be a normal issue when you get Resin things from time to time. If I have issue's fixing it or just hate it when I am done I'll update this post, to reflect that once I have had some time to look at them.

The arms in the right package appear to be fine though without any warping or problems. Ready to be cleaned up added to a dread. =)

If we flip the cannons/arms over you can see it really isn't going to take much work to get these on a Dread. The drilled holes almost scream insert magnet here.

I haven't had time to put magnets in them or attach them to a dread just yet so I will post the Pic Warflake has on his blog up. (At least until he complains and asks me to stop stealing and take it down. lol) All rights to him and all that nonsense...

Its a bit blurry but you get the idea. I am already pleased with the product and possibly interested in looking at what other items them have available for modding. Over all its a good value and I don't see any issues with the product. 

The site again is here
And a link to Warflake's post about his dread in the picture above. 

Hopefully helpful to anyone thinking about options like I was or just to know what to expect when ordering. When I get them on my dread I will post some pics up and if I do like them and order some other bits to try out expect some more product reviews as always.  


  1. Excellent, glad you pick some up, I had a message from them thanking me so great to see it paid off. Look forward to seeing your Dread. Thanks for the mention.

  2. Its a cool kit and a great find. Always enjoy sharing a cool product with the community and an excuse to shout out a buddies blog. =)
    Good find man and thanks for letting me bum your picture to complete my article.

  3. Hello,

    ...and another spike in referrals, which led me to this site (I'm one of owners). Thanks for the kind words! I'm glad you like our products and service.

  4. Hey Cowboy thanks for stopping by, hope the traffic helps you guys grow.


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