Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Adepticon 2012

Last year was my first year attending Adepticon which for anyone that does the GT scene it is the Wrestlemania or Superbowl of the scene. There are several other events but nothing is exactly like Adepticon it was a good time and a blast with several days of fun and meeting like minded gamer's.

 Next Year's event Adepticon 2012 started ticket sales on Monday however something I thought was amazing or impressive or possibly just insane. Within 24 hours the 40k Single's event, the 40k Team event, at least one 40k combat patrol, the 40k friendly event, and something close to 2 dozen workshops/ painting classes sold out. Yep that's right tourney events 170 days away sold out already. 

If your reading this and you had planned on attending I hope you got a golden ticket so to speak or are trying to get on the waiting list already. I happen to randomly login to look around at what was going on this year and when Is saw tickets already selling quickly I was able to grab one. So if your going to be there I'll see you there. The fact it was selling out so quickly seemed like it was news worthy of a blog post. 

If you haven't looked already the events are on the cart page with how many tickets for each one are left. Head over and take a look and if you are interested in anything left I wouldn't wait too long. 


  1. The waiting lists are pretty rliable if you get into them with a reasonable amount of time. A lot of people don't enter because they think there is no hope, but we had four guys enter the 1850 last year at about a month out and all get in. We had a team enter about two weeks out and get in and one make it into the combat patrol having entered about three weeks out.

    The same can be said for the rooms. Ask to get put on a waiting list for openings and the Lombard will imform you if anything opens up. We've done that for a couple years ... though I will say, the time is now to act on the hotel situation. Those are less likely to open up.

  2. Good to Know Old School I'll pass the info around to some of hte people I know that missed out. Thanks for the info.


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