Sunday, October 23, 2011

Necron, 6th Edition

Times are changing or perhaps they are going back to the way things had been? I won't bore you with I had to walk up hill both ways to school in the snow stories that normally come along with the phrase times are changing but I am referring to rumors. For awhile rumors, news, and talk about things to come spewed forward on the blog sphere and intertubes like a bubbling brew after a gun blast to the earth. Texas T if you will. Really what I am saying is I used to do a nice weekly run down of thing happening news wise and then GW like the over bearing parent knee jerking to the fact they left town and we threw a slightly out of hand party put the smack down sealing the news. Putting a stop to leaks and rumors.. or so we thought.. It appears as the Necron's have shown us that we only had been grounded for a short time because it almost appears that everything is back in order like before. So as long as we are getting interesting news might as well do a run down like before.


Yep we talked about the angry toasters of "we will no longer be back" for sometime. Then Beast of WAR broke the news story with full pictures that are pretty good proof that there are new models coming along. We can't even consider the fact its a hoax of any type since it also appears that they got a nice cease order from Uncle GW saying to pull the pictures. The pictures are kind of still there, but they now appear as some blacked out Government cover up file. Although I am sure with a little work you can find the pictures floating
about online. Once online its hard to get rid of something like that. (as you can see since I posted one here)

WE have tons of rules and fluff leaks and I have to say that over all I am pleased. I hope the new codex will really shake up the meta game and bring some justice to a army that has been long over due for a update. The rules look like they won't disappoint.  Living Metal took a hit that has upset a ton of players but after seeing the GK's I honestly don't think this is as bad at all as other think it is. Fortitude is amazing on the table top it means that you have to completely kill each vehicle or it keeps coming this is one reason the dreads are so amazing from the GK codex. I think the ability to ignore shaken and stuns is a big deal, and I would think
a small sign of things to come in 6th edition. WE have the new WBB 2.0 which now happens at the end of every phase which is interesting in itself. It means your bots will be getting back up more often but almost in a random manner since you may have already moved or shot. It's something very odd to plan around I think since you can't rely on it as much, much like the new sisters act of faith system. Also the New Eternal warrior rule means that the Necrons will have units just like Thawn and the Sisters who will always resurrect so to speak on a good dice roll even later in the game. Again something that appears to keep popping up and I wonder if it is again a nod toward a direction they are leaning for how 6th edition will be working. Not to mention in this new psychic power ridden battlefield that seems to be getting more and more important, (especially so if you believe that the Eldar are in the near future after 6th edition drops) I can already see the great advantage being that the Crons don't have test for abilities or at the very least they aren't considered powers so can't be denied by anti psychic wargear and the such. Again a nod toward adirection that has me interested in ....

6th Edition

5th edition has been a blast with its new found metal boxes of safety and cover saves but like all good things at some point you have to move on. Things get weird and stuff that was cute when you first started dating well they annoy the crap out of you now. So 6th Edition comes along and it is said to hail in the new age of Chaos if you believe the floating posts amongst the online scuttle. The Chaos boys are long over due for some
love (not the neshy kind they get too much of that) and the current rumor is still legion above all else. The current book getting a White Dwarf make over which I will admit could be a very bad sign if we are to use sisters as a example.(I like to hope sisters is a place holder and they will get a update in time) The new edition is said to also be showing love to the Templars.With the Chaos and Templars being starter sets. This is interesting as they are both power armor and I will be honest I was hoping for a pointy ear update since I think its a better marketing strat to have something not power armor in the box set. However evil marines, vs good marines is a simple enough concept for people to grasp so I suppose its not a total loss. The Eldar I expect will be a huge update when it happens and if they get even half the justice that was done to their Dark cousins they will be well worth the wait. The new rules are all over the place if you believe the rumors and will vastly change the strat of the game.

Hitting units will be based on BS vs Speed, this is amazingly huge tactically if its true. It means that shooting armies will not be the bane of the game since every action might have some strategy to consider before making your choice. We have seen how basing your to hit rolls in combat based on the speed
of the vehicles has changed things and makes vehicles hard to take down without good shooting. Now by applying this principle to shooting you one will have made vehicles even stronger and more survivable and two I would guess have made hth combat more imporant to the game as a reliable way of dealing with
a unit or threat.

DSing is said to be based on how aggressive you want to land which drastically changes the strategy around being able to DS a unit. It also completely helps out demons. I can tell you as a demon player that if I could DS 18 inches from you and not scatter at all how amazing that would be. That is basically the
ability to deploy after I have seen your strategy for deployment and with free rain to ignore my deployment zone and only worry about how you have moved.

The roll off first turn is said to be gone and traded in for a bidding contest? I will say this will add a entire new eliment to the game, although I am not sure exactly how I feel about this just yet? I suppose I am more curious how events will handle this new system. Also I would like to see the strats that you can purchase with your points you are bidding.

The largest changes though have been the rumors about being able to choose every 5th wound and assign the model taking the hit and that assault will now happen before shooting. Both are drastic changes to what we have now.. These rumors are so out there that I would caution no matter where you are reading news of 6th edition that until it gets closer to take them with a grain of salt and a high dose of speculation. Let's just pretend that 6th edition rumors are like a conversation in a strip club, fun but meaningless at best and I'll be back here writing about the weekly round up of things again on a more regular basis so stay tuned for thoughts, bad jokes, insight, and hinting at what went around the web perhaps on Mondays..or Fridays? I suppose I should pick a date. =P


  1. trust my luck to have a new edition released just as I get a grasp on the current one hahaha

  2. Hey on the bright side everyone will have to start over and everytime you happen to lose you can be like "man if this was 5th I would have OWnED you" lol

  3. Yeah, but is that any better than people defending interpretations of 5th edition rules by the way 4th edition rules were rather than by standard English.

  4. Lol no its not, but those people are being serious and I was just making a joke. =p


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