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ML CON 750- 1750 RTT

This last weekend our gaming club had a small in house RTT for members. Potluck, bbq, beer, some bitz swapping and a tourney. Not a bad day gaming wise. This is my first club event since I joined up and I will say that over all it was a good time.. Although it was a long long day lol.

The event was 5 rounds, first round starting at 750 and adding 250 points each round. Except you could bring a completely different list every round as long as you stayed with the same Codex. So basically you could build for each mission if you wanted to. That was the tourney style, then each mission was crazy and all over the place for the most part. 12 people showed up for the dice and nonsense and to see who would take the crown and be the first Martial Law Champion. Lets start with a few shots of the models setting out awaiting round one.

If you have been following along I have been taking  a break from Demons since Nova. I dusted off the orks and have been taking them out for a spin while I am building some GK's. (which is coming along well. ) So I took me some Green skins to get some krumpin in!!

Game 1 Vs Blood Angels 750

This was played on a 4x4 table and was some crazy mission where you deploy in this tiny 18 by 12ft block or something on your side of the field and you nominate one infantry model to be a suicide bomber and to get primary you have to get that model into the other person's deployment zone. The secondary was to kill the other person's bomber before they made it. Very odd mission I thought.

I matched up against my buddy Josh who brought basically two squads of assault marines libby and some priests. I made my bomber a kommando in Snikrots unit which basically meant a free 10 points for Primary for me once he came on. then took two units of boys and two kannons teams and a SAG. I shot everything in the army at his squad and in true orky fashion my shooting was loud but not overly impressive. Then he was just shy of being able to assault me on his turn meaning I was able to assault him and I attempted to smash up his unit before he made it to my zone. The orks Ran forward to GET THEM SOME!!! I completely ignored his other unit that didn't have the mule but in the end Josh is a solid player and I just couldn't get enough wounds past the FNP to kill the Mule and he would end up winning combat and making to my lines as we ran out of time. Basically the BA layeth the smacketh downeth on the orks. I always enjoy playing Josh I consider him a solid and fun player. (if he's reading this though he's lucky I couldn't enter Iron builder this year.. or I would give him a run for his money. =P  )

Result 10 - 11  I picked up one bonus point by chance since we didn't even know what they where until time was up. I was trying to stop his bomber for the secondary and he of course was focused on making sure he got his primary. We both move on to round 2 someplace in the middle of the pack.

Round 2 VS Necrons 1000 points

This was a normal KP mission nothing too fancy with the secondary kill the HQ type thing.

I was matched up against Monger who had a pretty good strat I thought with his list.
He brought a Lord with Viel
2 units of warriors
I think 8 destroyers split up between three slots

I brought a Kan Wall
3 kans with rockets
3 kans with rockets
30 shoota boys
30 shoota boys
KFF mek
Warboss on biker claw, bosspole, squig hound, cyborg

It was again on a 4 x 4 table and I won first turn so I deploy center with kans and boys on each side and wait to see how he deploys. Its very clear with his list its going to be a game of can I catch him or not. He will Turbo boost away with is destroyers as need be and he will use his lord to run away or out of combat as needed.

I move up the center as he stays in his corner. We both play the magic guess distance game while he balances moving back with firing priority and then finally on turn 3 I make my move. The game comes down to one massive assault. I made a play for lines and was able to ge the biker boss in, two kans in, and part of a unit of boys linking both his warriors into one big combat. I end up wiping a squad and killing most of the other squad who falls back. I am in a good position board control wise that he can't really get away from me at this point however how close a game it's going to be is going to come down to if his Lord makes his WBB roll. If he stands back up then he has basically 12 or so warriors that can attempt to get back up. If not without the res orb they are all scrap metal. He rolls and the Lord doesn't feel like sticking around. Which means he poors everything he can into my biker if he could kill him he still has a shot, but he fails to drop him. So he stalls as much as he can but I end up phasing him out. A rule I am pretty sure is soon to be gone and Monger is itching to get some revenge with  his new coming codex. Again though another great game.

I end up with Max or something close to Max points and I move on to the top tables.

Round 3 VS Nids 1250

This is some crazy 7 objective mission. 2 in each deployment zone and three across the middle. You have to activate them not hold them and you can do so with any unit. Basically you have to move by it with nothing contesting it and you take the objective until someone else moves by it while its not contested. (be within 3 inches) The mission is also played long ways so we have to deploy on the short board edge.

Nids is some odd Nid list with
Swarm Lord
Doom of Mal
death leaper

It was a odd mix of units I thought but in his defense he was destroying people first two rounds. We are currently the top tables and my list is a odd mix up of units too.

I brought
KFF mek
2 units 20 shoota's
10 grots
2 units 3 nobs with wagons deffrolla's
2 units 2 kans with rockets

This is ends up being a really fun tough game. I start off by immob a wagon when trying to move it off terrain it deployed on.. We laugh and he gets excited for my bad luck is his good luck.. then he goes to spawn some gribblies and rolls badly.. We do have a pretty solid game of assaults and moving around but when the dust settle's the orks have 7 objectives and the Nids have 0. Max points I stay on the top table as we move into round 4

Round 4 VS GK's 1500

This mission is basically hold the center. and at this point I am pretty tired it's already been a long and solid 3 games. I end up playing my buddy EAP and he brought GK's. So I know its going to be yet another solid slug fest as I try and deny him Victory.

His list was something like
2 dreads
Super SNIPER of death
2 5 man purifiers in rhino's
2 acolyt units in chimera's with Melta
2 acolyt units in chimera's with plasma

I brought a wagon core

3 wagons with deffrolla's
3 units 20 shoota's
3 meganobs
2 koptas
1 kopta

We deploy and turn one the sniper is exactly 36 inches in range and even with Cover save Blows up a Wagon. haha.. It was funny. well it wasn't, it sucked but I thought it was funny and it was my fault. In response I get some boys out and load my meganobs and KFF mek in another wagon and move up anyway. Also the first shot of the game from me was a Kopta who hits wounds and instant kills the sniper. I move up and force his lines back and I control the center and we have us a solid GAME.. until I make a mistake.. I don't realize the mission isn't random turn length.. I think its random turn length and I play my hand a turn earlier than I should. I even say while I am doing it I shouldn't do this but the secondary was killing the other person's HQ and I wanted the secondary too. =P However the game is set up to auto go to turn 7. I give it everything I got and I make all kind of gambles to try to pull it back and kill Coteaz while at the least contesting.. If it ended on 5 I would have had the center.. if it ended on 6 I would have contested the center but by turn 7 he had tabled me.. I walk away from the table with 1 point lol. It was a solid game I felt and I hope EAP felt he had to earn it at least. =P Oddly I have been doing so well that even with only getting 1 point I am still on the top two tables and will be playing for first or second place next round.



Round 5 VS Nids 1750

I get the same Nid Player as before lol. We laugh a bit and set up for round two. He is itching to get some payback after I knocked him off his throne.. The mission is this crazy 4th edition style mission where you deploy one unit at a time by FOC taking turns and such.. We basically end up on our lines ready to go at each other though. The mission is Table quarters with VP and all HQ's are worth Double VP's. I then make another huge mistake. I basically can zoom up and assault several of his units turn one.. and the Correct choice is to take out the two Tervy's he has in his list. I don't play Nids often though, and decide I want to take out the SwarmLord right way so he doesn't have that doublepoints thing going on. I tend to forget what a Bad SOB the swarm lord is.. and he basically laughs and shakes off my assault. I hit him with my three Meganobs and he eats them real quick and moves over to bring it to Ghazz and his boys who just killed a tervy. It takes him and a unit of guants 4 rounds of combat but they eventually tear down Ghaz as well. I do what I can with whats left and have a few good turns. I kill his pod and the doom when they come down by Deffrolla' ing through them.. and I kill the another pod and the deathleaper the same way with another wagon. Over all though he has me on the ropes most this game and feels good about it after the beating he took last game. Its close as we roll a couple dice to see what table quarter some units end up in but he has me. Got the Primary but not the secondary. He ends up taking 2nd place. I was super tired and trying to play to pull something back after my mistakes at the beginning so I forgot to take pictures of this game though. So just picture Orks and Nids assaulting each other alot. =P

 My buddy EAP ends up taking 1st. I think I ended up in 5th. Really though a good day of gaming and a good run for the Orks.

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