Monday, October 3, 2011

Lazy Sunday 1000 Point Tourney

Had a chance to get out and about this weekend with some of my local club mates. 
This last Sunday I was invited to show up and hang out with fellow club members Sandman and Warmonger for the YottaQuest Lazy Sunday event. I had a pretty hectic week but I didn’t actually have any plans Sunday so this worked out perfect.  

Yottaquest is in cincinatti and you can check out the main website here. You can actually register for events through the website if you sign up for an account and clean simple process.  The lazy Sunday event is a free 1000 point tourney once a month. Yep, free tourney, how cool is that? With Store credit as prizes.
First place is 15
Best painted is 10
Best sportsman is 5
Honestly pretty good for a free event.
The store is located in a downtown type area with parking in the rear. This was my first time at Yottaquest but I will say I was impressed overall. The store itself is stocked well with 40k, Fantasy, and several other games. The store is popular and has a great turn out of regular players of various genre’s . The staff was friendly, engaging and knowledgeable.  It seemed important to them that the customer service was good and you enjoyed your visit to the store. (which honestly in any business can go a long way) The game room was in the back in almost a garage like area but it was fine all be it a little tight on space but still comfortable.
The tourney itself had 8 people show up to hang out and throw dice for the day.
There ended up being a nice spread of armies though.
1 IG
2 Necron
1 Orks
1 Space Wolves
1 Grey Knights
1 Blood Angels
1 Space Marines
The day itself was filled with many moments of “haha”. Warmonger and sandman actually ended up being paired off round one and had a good back and forth battle. I know because I had given each of them their new club dice and when one person’s was rolling well for a turn they would loudly tell me they liked the dice… Then usually a short time later the opposite person would tell me the same thing lol.  Sandman ended up coming out on top of the battle but not to be out done Warmonger “accidently” threw away Sandman’s lunch. I am sure it was just a coincidence that it happened after his loss, however watching Sandman complain and panic a bit while searching for his burger, while Monger explained he thought the bag was empty was pretty priceless.

In round two I faced off against Sandman in what turned out to be a very solid game that went to turn 7. We ended up with a draw, a bloody knock down drag out draw but a draw none the less. There had been several times when it could have gone either way but the dice decided not.
Sandman and Myself tied for first place. Sandman ended up taking first place and I took best painted. Not to be left out Monger ended up with best sportsman. It was only after they announced that we had taken the spots that people noticed we had been wearing the same club shirt which was funny as well.  
Overall again I had a great time and would go back to the event in the future. I would recommend it to others as well if you’re in the area. I’ll be posting Bat reps of some type in to follow in the near future, and will bother Sandman to do the same. =P

So keep an eye on Sandmans personal Blog 73rd Hellion Devildogs for some bat reps. If I can annoy him enough to do some quick write ups. Feel free to post comments requesting battle reports and asking if he ended up getting his lunch or not. =P

Also Big shout out to the readers that take the time to stop by here. The Emperor's Codex reached the 50,000 hits mark last week sometime. Great progress for still being under a year old and I hope you guys stick around as we grow and try to be something positive for the online community. 

Speaking of positive for the community wanted to also do a little shameless self plug for the FTW site. I have been doing the FTW blogger spotlight highlighting some great content from fellow bloggers on a bi weekly basis. If you haven't stopped by to take a look at some of them Check it out

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