Sunday, October 30, 2011

The Front Lines 10-30

The weekend has rushed by us or shambled by for some of us. I wasn’t feeling a 100 percent this weekend so I personally spent a large chunk of Saturday watching all of season one of The Walking Dead from AMC. Great show if you haven’t seen it and like zombies. It has good acting and actual story which is amazing for a zombie flick. But enough of the shambling undead horde of zombie’s its time for a round up of things and….some more from the shambling undead robots as they are still the next new thing let’s start off with them.

The Front Lines is just a formal name to the weekly run down we do here. A quick at a glance mention of news and rumors from the week before.


This week we got yet more info on the upgrade of Necrons to Necrons 2.0. GW kicked things off by posting up a little teaser which was really a glorified Power point presentation to spark your interest in the New old robots while offering a small glance at the fluff.

Then we got hit with the WD cover and back page art. You know it’s amazing again like I said below GW is supposed to be all leak proof because of the new rules but lately they have so many leaks they need a plumber.

Then we got slammed with what appears to be actual information with points costs and rules. The interwebs picked it apart with a fine tooth comb and started deciding what was good and what isn’t although I will be the first to say that untill you know the rest of the codex and the FOC break downs officially I don’t know how you can really make that call just yet. Over all again it so far looks like the Necrons are going to be a pretty solid release with new models, new rules, and a bright future before them. They will be the new bandwagon to jump on and power game up your friends. I won’t go into details about the weapons and points costs but I will say we only need to wait a week to separate fact from fiction and see how scary the awakening of this ancient race is going to be. Always awesome when a new codex comes out.

Mega Army box sets

It could be for Christmas, it could be to test the waters for future army deals, or perhaps GW just has too many of these sprues because someone got drunk at the office and filled out the order sheets wrong. Either was it appears we have some army box sets coming out soon.  The Mega army deals will be for the Marines and Dark Eldar

Dark Eldar contains a Reaver, a Ravager, 5 scourges, 9 Jetbikes, 10 Warriors and 20 Wyches, 1 Venom

Space Marines contains two 10 man tac squads, 5 scouts with sniper rifles, a Drop Pod, a command squad and I think there was a 5 man Assault squad, definatly a Land Speeder Storm and a Commander


The army of the great good is still said to be complete and up waiting for a release slot for the most part. It appears that the Codex release schedule still looks something like this

Codex: Tau Empire (Early 2012)
6th Edition AND Codex: Legions of Chaos (Mid 2012)
Codex: Eldar (Late 2012)

Yeah the Tau’s are still slotted pretty early next year which is awesome then if things hold true Chaos will get some love and Eldar. Also keep in mind that the rumor is still that the Necron Codex is written with 6th edition in mind so that when the rules change the codex really steps its game up so to speak. Some units and rules that seem out of place or don’t appear to make the most sense will after the new Edition. This means that Tau will be the first 6th edition codex and the word on the street is the leaks and such you read online are semi close to what will be in the book. Basically with 6th coming shortly after this codex drops it should be written for 6th edition vs 5th edition even more so thant he Necrons. So if you take that info floating about and add in a shake or so of “Codex Creep” as the kids call it then Tau’s should be a force when they hit the scene with new friends and people learn to respect the word “RAIL GUN” again.

CHAOS and 6th edition

Chaos is the release I am watching for though and again this week we get a some more small tidbits about the upcoming books. Yep I said books, the interwebs have confirmed pretty much from multiple sources that there will most likely be two books. The Legion book which will get a release and will be the Elite small force much like the Grey Knights play. This is going to be the hardened Marines who have been around forever and are full of Chaos gifts for the hard plundering and havoc they have been causing. I suspect this will be your World Eaters, and such.Then the second book will be a renegades book or basically your non Marine chaos stuff which has pro’s and cons. The major Pro I see here is that we are going to get some cool fluff, characters and rules for things chaos not marine based. IG commanders turned evil and rules for evil vets maybe? However the rumor is this book will get a hint and maybe some WD love but then won’t see a release for at least a year.


  1. Did you say World Eaters? really can't wait myself.

    Feeling pretty bad myself this weekend. Blew off the Halloween mega battle and gaming over at EAP's this weekend. Hope you have it better and are further along the road to recovery.

    Walking Dead, don't know about you, but this second season is ruining it for me. The first two episodes have me hoping that large numbers the characters get eaten, wife and partner of the main char head that list. Hope last night's episode turns that back around.

    See you at the store on Saturday? Early game maybe?

  2. Season one was so good I would be willing to give season two a few episodes to get ramped up personally. I haven't seen any of it yet though. However the whole thing is already pretty far off from the comic story but good so far.

    I have been pretty swamped so not a ton of game time. Are you guys going to be there early on Saturday? I might be able to sneak off for a quick game in the morning but I couldn't stay too long I'll text you guys when it's closer to Saturday.


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