Friday, October 14, 2011

Coteaz and his ladies

Necrons are everywhere at the moment and I honestly have a ton of comments and things I will share with the cool pictures that I am sure you have all seen at this point. I sadly don't have the time, with Real life being in the way tonight and with a club tourney in the morning I won't have time to type up my comments, bad jokes, and metaphors until later.. sigh...

In the meantime I have some pictures since I got another squad or actually, two and a start of a third squad complete.
Some pictures real fast.

Yep those are Sister Repentia I have had the models for awhile they had been a gift from a good friend of mine. I have been waiting for a reason or way to use the models since I like them and the new Gray Knight Army is the perfect reason to use them since they are great Death Cult Girls. =) Oh yeah.. and Coteaz is there. lol. (also the White Dwarf Sisters update makes panda's cry)

I have made several more Green stuff molds of icons and they have been going well.. all except the the fact I am going to be running out of Green Stuff lol. I'll update more soon and hopefully have some pictures from this weekend and evil shambly robot commentary. Stay tuned!!!

As always comments or feedback are welcome

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