Monday, October 10, 2011

1000 Points Space Wolves Vs Orks

Lazy Sunday tourney Game 3

So after my epic game Vs Sandman that ended in us stopping each other from going 3-0 for the day. I ended up facing a Space wolf player. He is a newer player but he was a cool guy and excited to play.

His list from memory was something like

2 Long fang packs with ML dude men's
2 rhino's with grey hunters
Rune priest with living lightning and murderous hurricane
drop pod with grey hunters
Wolf guard with fancy stuff to go in each squad.

My list again was

Big Mek SAG ammo runt
2 20 man shoota boys squads with claw, armor, bosspole
2 3 kannon batteries.
12 loota's
2 5 loota's
10 gretchin

New or not he seemed to have a good grasp on the general rules as we play So we roll off as usual and we get spearhead, with 4 objectives. I win first turn and pick my quarter. The board is actually pretty open with not much LOS blocking terrain and some spread out area terrain bits. Not the best set up for terrain I would think.. Here is a picture of half the table to give you an idea.

I look a bit and my plan is pretty simple. I decide I want to punish any part of his army that decides to show itself beyond the LOS blocking area terrain in the center. So I decided I will deploy to have firing lanes and to consume my entire deployment zone so that I don't need to worry about the drop pod before I see what his plan is. I deploy like thus..

I know what your thinking that is a ton of orks for 1000 points.. but actually its only 999 points. =P I put my kannons on both sides of my area, and give my SAG gun a clean LOS to the top half of the board. Put all the boys up front ready to rush the center if need be since three objectives are around that. 

Space wolves deploy with the large ship of "I can only land" in reserve of course. one pack of Long Fangs goes in the back and one rhino by his objective. 

His other rhino deploys as far forward as possible. With his other long fangs beside it to offer support. 

Orks Turn 1

He attempts to steal the first turn but that doesn't work out so well. The Kannons handicap the rhino and it loses its will to move from that spot ever again. 

 My other kannons then shoot and explode the other rhino.  My SAG and my loota's kill off a few of the Long Fangs and the last one or two runs off the board..The Rune priest and his squad call them sissy's and shake their heads in shame. My boys move up. The first turn wasn't very good for the SW's.

 Space wolves turn 1

He moves up with his on foot squad and does a bit of shooting. His Long Fangs kill 2 of the three kannons on my right side. Also his troops get out of the rhino and move up to hold his objective.

Orks Turn 2

I move my boys up into the terrain and throw some shots at his units but my shooting doesn't do much at all. I shoot the SAG gun at the squad with the Rune Priest but I get the result that only makes the tiny hole hit anything.. so I only get one wound and kill one marine. The rest of my shooting is pretty horrible and does nothing which isn't shocking at all since it's ork shooting. So basically I roll tons and tons of dice. I get some hits, fewer wounds and he makes all his saves. That pretty much sums up my turn lol. 

Space Wolves Turn 2

The Drop Pod comes in and he puts it right in the middle of my deployment zone to make me deal with it. There is a nice opening for it since I moved all my boys forward at this point. It comes smashing down to the earth. The marines jump out in a impressive hollywood type manner guns a blazing. The squad kills off a handful of orks then they notice they are surrounded. His long fangs fail to kill the last kannon. His Rune priest and squad move up further trying to get to the action. The Wolves that pod in then get ready to test how well the armor they are wearing works. 

The marines in the back are still guarding that objective and staying out of Ork LOS. 

Orks Turn 3

I basically decide that I can shoot away this annoying pod of marines and then use my boys to deal with the Rune priest. However that doesn't go to plan. I first destroy the drop pod with my kannons. Then I unload all the loota's into the squad and I only kill two or three. I shoot one squad of boys at them and again mostly everything bounces off the Space Wolf armor. I don't want this squad being annoying in my back field so I then use my waaaagh and basically take my movement forward back on my other boys so that I can charge this unit.

We have us a good old Space Wolf on Ork combat, that ends in the Orks favor.. He cuts down many orks but the Nob cuts down the last two marines before combat is over. Then they move back toward the objectives and cover. 
I didn't forget about the Rune Priest and his buddy's So here is a nice before

and after SAG picture. The one thing the SAG does is kill things that aren't in cover. AP2 pie plate is brutal when it hits even when an Ork shoots it. (Although it did take him 2 full games to adjust in his sights)

SW turn 3

He moves his priest up and is just short of being able to assault. His boys in the back stay behind cover. His Long Fangs continue to fail to kill one kannon.  At the start of Ork Turn 4 I kill off what remains of the Rune Priest's squad and I wreck the rhino in the back. At that point we call it. 

After the match we talk tactics a bit. I explain how I feel he should have deployed and played the game. Then we talked about firing lanes and movement in 40k. The way he deployed plus my first round of shooting basically destroyed his army. I pointed out why and things to consider when deploying in the future. He was a good sport and I hope he still had fun. It was a good time  while we threw dice and made jokes. He hadn't really ever seen a Ork Army that doesn't charge forward with everything so he wasn't sure how to play against my list was the impression I got. That finishes up my day though.

I end up 2-0-1 which ties me with SandMan for first place. I was in running for Best painted though so they ended up giving me best painted and Sandman first place which is cool. Over all it was a fun day with three fun games. Plus I met some cool people who all seemed to have a good time. It was nice to get some practice in before I take my Orks to our club event on the 15th. I really haven't played them in a long time. I have been playing Demons pretty nonstop learning the ins and outs of them. Orks are a nice break from that before I finish my knights.


  1. Congrats on best painted! Looked like a fun tourney, and wow that ork shooting was crazy!

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  3. Yeah it was a fun event. If I can find the time next month I'll try to go again. Ork shooting is always fun, and as a bonus sometimes it hits stuff!!!.


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