Wednesday, October 5, 2011

1000 points IG Vs ORKS

Lazy Sunday Battle report Game one

The event was described to me to be a fun free event so I built something fun with the goal to roll lots of dice… I then changed my list up so that I could use as many painted models as possible.. =)

My list was

Big Mek SAG, ammo runt
10 gretchin, with runt herder
20 shoota boys with nob claw pole, and eavy armor
20 shoota boys with nob claw pole and eavy armor
5 loota’s
5 loota’s
12 loota’s
3 kannons with 9 crew runt herder and 3 ammo runts
3 kannons with 9 crew runt herder and 3 ammo runts

The army was 999 points. It throws lots of dice and hopes I hit something.. then it hopes you die if I do hit you. Should be fine unless I run into a Land Raider and even then the list should be funny to play I thought.

My first round match up was VS IG I don’t have his list but basically he ran

Master of ordnance

CCS w/ 3 grenade launchers, Las Cannon, OotF
2 Vet squads: 3 grenade launchers, las cannon
3 Ruses w/ HB, Battle Cannon, HB sponsons, hvy stubbers
1 Hellhound

The missions are random for the tourney so basically you just roll them out of the book. So we roll off and end up with spearhead and four objectives, he then wins the first turn and chooses his side and deploys. Next to two of the objectives one is in the building you can see and one is on the terrain to the right of this picture.

I deploy my boys as far up as I can I plan to put pressure on his army as soon as possible with them. I then use the awesome hill for my kannons since they will have great LOS and cover for the grots in area terrain. The put the loota’s behind my boys to have clean fire lanes if need be. My SAG and grots in the far back on my objective and with a LOS to the entire board on top of the ruin. he's actually just out of the picture here since he is soooooo tall. =P

IG Turn one

His Vet’s don’t move they basically hold ground and his tanks reposition slightly he then send his blasts my way. His master of ordnance calls in his shots but they end up scattering off into no place. His tanks first round scatters off my boys and onto my kannons and wipes out three of them. He then kills off a handful of orks. His flame tank moves up and unloads firey death but he wasn’t in position to get very many hits under his template. It wasn’t a horrible turn of shooting but not great for him either.

Orks Turn one..

My boys start to move up. I throw one squad out in the middle of the board then run them forward to threaten his front line. I want him to think about what to do. I move the second boys squad up on the right to threaten his right flank and the objective there. I move and run to get them into a good position to give them cover.  My kannons miss his russ completely, my SAG misses completely and my loota’s blow the turret off the flame tank and prevent it from shooting next turn.

IG Turn two

He moves up his flame tank and tank shocks through a small squad of loota’s who fail their leadership and start to hoof it away in cowering ork fear as I  make fun of them for fleeing from IG units. He decides that the unit on the right flank is much more dangerous at the moment since the center unit of boys needs a good fleet roll to make it to his unit and proceeds to lay everything into the boys unit on the right. All three tanks and pretty much his entire army lay down fire in the emperor’s name and after the smoke finally clears the Nob with one wound is still alive. He passes his leadership check, and eyes his targets for vengeance.

Orks Turn Two

The lone Nob on the right deserves some justice after
surviving that so he moves, I use my my waaagh and he fleets then assaults the closest Russ to him wrecking it with his claw in a fit of rage. The front unit of boys moves up rolls a 5 for fleet and makes assault with the Vets holding the furthest back objective. They beat the small squad in combat and consolidate around the objective as the Vet's flee toward the board edge. The orks then dig in. The kannons fail to do anything to the furthest Russ again, and all loota’s not fleeing shoot at the center Vet squad that is in the open killing it down to a lone LASCANNON. The SAG scatters off to the wind again.

IG Turn three

His tanks position slightly. His flame tank tank shocks forward  hoping the Grots will break and run off my objective taking the SAG with it, but they pass the leadership check and move slightly out of the way. He unloads the rest of his forces onto the larger ork squad now holding the back objective. Both tanks, and his remaining squads, the orks go to ground and while they take a few losses they are still holding strong with around 10 left.

Orks Turn three

The enraged lone Nob was ignored last turn since he only had one wound so he charges into the Vet squad next to him eager to prove that was a error in judgment. The vet Squad must have been fearful or caught by surprise because they fail to do a single wound and the Nob cuts down 3 guard with claw, wins combat and runs down the squad. Afterward he consolidates back to the objective claiming his prize for his lone rampage. The loota’s wreck the flame tank putting a stop to his tank shocking nonsense. The kannons are able to immobilize one Russ. The SAG then fires off into the wind still working on adjusting in his sites.

IG Turn Four

The Vet lascannon and the two tanks hammer on the larger squad in the back able to kill off 4 of the 8 orks. They again pass leadership and dig in.

Orks Turn four

The loota’s kill the lone Lascannon squad, the SAG shoots off into the wind and the Kannons take pop shots at the RUSS.

IG turn five.

The two tanks again hammer the remaining squad killing everyone but the lone Nob who passes his leadership check again and stands stubbornly by the objective.

Ork Turn Five

I am able to blow of the battle Cannon of one russ and miss with the SAG yet again.

We roll and the game ends I have three objectives a solid Victory for the ork army.

I honestly didn’t expect the Orks to weather so much fire. I was really only forcing his attention on his objectives while I took down his troops. Making it really hard for him to take or contest my objective from me since he was all the way across the board. He would have to hope to shoot me off it in the later stages of the game if it kept going. However the dice played out and the Ork Nobs where able to knock him off his objectives and out last by going to ground which happens sometimes, but plan B was more of what I was relying on for a Victory.

In a side note being silly and fluffy I feel my Ork Nobs deserve a reward for going above and beyond to mark the Victory which means the one unpainted Nob will get painted in the next week or so and the other Nob will get a name or title of some type.

Anyway on to Round 2!!!!


  1. Nice report. I played him my third game. His list was,

    CCS w/ 3 grenade launchers, Las Cannon, OotF
    2 Vet squads: 3 grenade launchers, las cannon
    3 Ruses w/ HB, Battle Cannon, HB sponsons, hvy stubbers
    1 Hellhound

  2. Thanks Monger I have updated the post. The IG troops really all look the same to me. lol


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