Thursday, October 6, 2011

1000 points Grey Knights VS Orks

Lazy Sunday Battle report Game Two

After pulling out a Victory vs IG I was paired up against Sandman’s GK’s. I laugh because I drove all the way to Cinci to play a game against Sandman who I could have played locally. We make a few jokes and then we are off.

Xenos Inq Psych and Rad grenades, Psyker HH, ForceW
Henchmen - DCA x4; Razorback Psy, Dozer
Plasma Acolyte x3; Razorback Psy, Dozer
Plasma Acolyte x3; Razorback Psy, Dozer
Dreadknight NGS, HPsycannon, HIncinerator

My list was

Big Mek SAG, ammo runt
10 gretchin, with runt herder
20 shoota boys with nob claw pole, and eavy armor
20 shoota boys with nob claw pole and eavy armor
5 loota’s
5 loota’s
12 loota’s
3 kannons with 9 crew runt herder and 3 ammo runts
3 kannons with 9 crew runt herder and 3 ammo runts

We roll off and end up with dawn of war and one objective in each of our deployment zones. The classic "earn it" mission as I call it. People say you tie this mission a ton but really it’s been my experience that this is a very winnable mission it just is the hardest mission out of the rule book tactics wise. Just my opinion though
He wins the roll off and picks his side then places his xenos with DCA razor in the center of the board to deny me deployment space.

 I deploy my SAG on in my corner by my objective and put a unit of boys in the front just hugging cover since I will have to take a turn of fire and since he has the sniper of death. I need that cover save so he doesn’t snipe out my Nob turn one. He infiltrates the sniper dead center of the board behind the DCA vehicle in tall cover.  I attempt to sieze and fail.. I don’t honestly think I have ever seized off the top of my head..

GK Turn one

His DCA moves up slightly and pops smoke,  He brings Coteaz in a razor on by his objective. Then he basically brings the rest of his army on the board about 5 inches apart on the right side of the board across from my objective in this order. Dread, Razor Dreadknight. He attempts to sniper my Nob but night fighting is a cruel mistress even to a trained snipers scope.

Orks Turn one

Dawn of war sucks for my army since most my stuff is heavy. I bring on my kannons just next  to the terrain I control and bring on my loota’s and boys toward the center by his DCA’s. I pop a shot with the SAG at the razorback with DCA’s but I miss. I move my unit of boys up out of cover and run forward, I am leaving my boys in the open but will be able to make it to the center terrain next turn which would allow me to set the pace of the game from that point out if I can make it. The loota's and boys all come on across my edge and hoof it toward the center. The boys attempt to shoot the sniper with the big shoota's but ork's don't see well in the dark.

GK turn two

His DCA unit get out and assault the large unit of Loota’s. They actually get the fancy nade result that makes my unit hit itself but they wipe out the unit with none of them surviving before we get to that part so it doesn’t really matter. They then move into cover. Everything but coteaz moves up. The sniper attempts to kill a Nob but I make my cover save. The rest of his force shoots at the boys in the open as I thought they would. It’s the smart target currently. I didn’t really look at what the Dreadknight had been equipped with and his large template of death hits dead on and takes out a large portion of them. The magic I can shoot far away and around corner flamer template doesn’t do much but between that and everything in his army targeting them the squad gets wiped out.

Orks Turn two

I don’t mind losing the Loota’s but losing the entire Boys squad was unexpected.  I use a unit of kannons and instant Kill the Sniper so I don’t have to worry about him taking out my other Nob. I take some shots at a razorback but only stun the thing. I shoot down all the DCA’s but the Xenos Inq is still standing so I assault her with my boys squad. I charge into cover and her fancy grenades go off, making my entire unit strike last... which they already are… so we laugh about that. The INQ then fails to wound anything and I just roll the power claw to save time and kill her. I consolidate forward but stay in cover. I shoot the SAG at the dreadknight and miss.

GK Turn three

The dread Knight moves toward the center and shoots his shots at the boys but fails to do much damage. The dread moves up and takes some shots at a kannon squad taking out two kannons. The razorback on the far right pushes forward toward my lines.

Orks Turn three

I move the boys up but remain in cover I string them out attempting to make it to the next terrain only making a few of them in but between the two terrains my line of orks has cover still. I used my waaagh this turn because if I could roll a 4 or better I think I could have got within charge range of his rear razorback netting me some more movement and putting my unit into terrain where I wanted. I rolled a 3 though and it was clear I needed at least a 5 to make it.  I shoot at the razor a bit with my loota’s and really don’t do much. My kannons take out the dread and punish him for moving into range.  My SAG takes a shot at the rear razor and rolls a 4 for str.. so no point in even rolling to hit…lol. 

GK Turn four

The dreadknight continues to move toward the center ork boys and unload on them. He actually does well with the flamer this turn since they are in a line, but fails to kill that many again the cover saves prove to be too much. Let’s be honest a 4+ on a 6 point model is pretty good, its prob the best thing the orks have going for them. =P I am down to 10 or so boys at this point though. Cotaez and his guys get out and sit on the objective and the razor moves up to be in the way of the boys forcing me to go through terrain most likely. He is gambling a bit to use the razor to slow down my unit but still wants to hold his objective.  His razor on the right moves forward to be a contesting issue next turn if I don’t deal with it then pops smoke. GRRR Sandman curse you for being a good player. =P 

Orks turn four

My boys move up into the terrain but won’t make it to coteaz unit. I shoot his unit across the board with the SAG since they are in the open.. A direct hit would pretty much wipe them out.. It scatters off the board and I make my second mistake this game. Which I will explain later. I shoot my boys at Coteaz unit and kill off two, they make leadership and are fine though. His razor is blocking los for my loota’s so I shoot at it and again do nothing. My kannons shoot the razorback who is a threat and he makes his cover saves.

GK Turn Five

The razor on the right contests my objective. The razor in the back moves back and picks up Coteaz for safety he feels the gamble wasn’t worth it. (although it was close it did pay off, he limited my boys movement and his troop didn’t die) His Dread knight moves up and he again unloads on the boys squad in cover. He does massive damage with a direct hit and they go to ground.  They are killed down to 3 boys and the Nob but pass leadership again and are good to go.

Orks Turn Five

The kannons shoot through the terrain and despite cover I wreck the razorback on my objective. His Acolyts get out on the other side of it though and hide as best they can. The grots in the back open fire and the acolyts go to ground but still lose two of them. One remains to contest. I shoot my SAG at the Razorback and miss. The lootas plink shots at the razor in the middle but fail to do much and that’s it. If the game ends now he wins..

We roll and it goes to 6

GK Turn six

He moves his units and basically fires everything at the boys in terrain that are a threat to his objective. I don’t go to ground but he kills them down to the lone Nob. I roll and fail leadership and he  runs. (we had to look up to see if he can use the bosspole if he’s alone I wasn’t sure it never came up before for me. Turns out you can’t lol although for the record I would have passed the reroll and made the save on the Nob I rolled it just to see)

Orks Turn Six

I move the kannons so more gretchin can shoot at the acolyte. Then they kill him off. I then shoot the SAG at the razorback with Coteaz in it. We are currently tied If I can wreck or blow that thing up I have shot at winning still.. I roll for Strength and get 4.... I can't even hurt the thing lol..

We roll and it goes to turn 7 I get yet another shot at winning!! woot!

GK Turn Seven

He moves up and shoots a bit at my objective but doesn’t do much with his Dread Knight.

Orks Turn Seven

This is it I had a change to pull a loss into a draw and SAG failed, then the dice decided I got another turn and I turned the loss to a draw and it was up to the SAG to turn it into a WIN. So again Its up to the Mek.
I shoot the SAG it’s the only thing that really matters, If I can blow his unit off the objective then I can prob win the game. It’s a hail mary but it’s all I got.. I select target and roll for strength and end up with 7. Alright!! I can work with a 7. I then roll the scatter and get a HIT!!! WOOT!!! I get two dice for pen since its Ordance.. I roll the dice and get a PEN!!! WOOT… Now Sandman is sweating a bit as it comes down to one roll.. I need a 6 for possible VICTORY… and I end up with a 3… LOL OH WELL..  

It was a very fun and solid game as always with Sandman. He comments that he hates orks again and we laugh. My mistake I felt I made was I take a ammo runt for the SAG in case I roll the results that target my units, that way if I do too much damage I can attempt a reroll. I however should have used the ammo runt to reroll the shot I had when Coteaz and his unit had come out of the transport that turn. That would have changed up the game and possibly won it for me had I been able to kill even one member of the squad with the SAG. Oh well.

Also again my unpainted Nob held the line and did amazing job shrugging off fire. He will get painted in the near future for sure. ON TO ROUND 3!!!


  1. Hey, I love your Battle Reports. I run Orks, but I do not get to play very often, so reading about them is a pleasure. Also, your writing with your snarky wit is a great way. It seems like you are a good sport too; if I am ever in Ohio (I am guessing that is where you are from since you mentioned Cinci) or you are ever in Cali, we should meet up for a game. Cannot wait to read about round three.

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  3. @Talmstedt

    Thanks for stopping by man, Your right I'm in Dayton Ohio, however I am from Cali so every once in a great while I am actually back in that area. If I am travelling I'll throw it up on the blog as a head up. If your ever around Ohio I am always down for a pick up game with a reader.


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