Saturday, September 3, 2011

Nova Tables and Armies

Happy holiday weekend to all of you in the states. I hope its been a great one so far, and to all of you reading not in the states I hope your weekend has been just as awesome. I have had a bit of time to go through and resize and sort some of the pictures I took while at the NOVA and its time for a massive picture dump. So be warned this post is picture insane even for my site. (that's saying something)

First off I wanted to show a some pictures of the tables, the terrain, and the 11th company set up. The 11th company guys did coverage and played in the event so my hats off to them for going the extra mile. They also had been really great and willing to talk to any of us that randomly wondered up and bothered them. Very down to earth about the whole thing. The terrain at the event was amazing as I said before so I wanted to make sure to show some pictures of some of the tables to give everyone an idea of the level of terrain in place. 

I did my best to get as many of the armies as I could before the event started. I how ever didn't even get close lol here is a jumble of a ton I did get though. 


  1. There were some really great looking armies at the nova open. Your post is a great reminder of that!

  2. Awesome!!!!!! Great Job!!

    Aaron Aleong

  3. Nice pics, you did a great job getting pics of the armies and the table set ups don't look as bad as I had envisioned from your description.


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