Monday, September 12, 2011

Nova Open Day two quick run downs

Day one I toughed it out and made my goal of 3-1. If you missed my run downs of that day you can find it here. Day two I wonder down to the hall and find out that I am in bracket 3. The people from the day before have been broken down into 16 brackets and going 3-1 I made 3. I was short on battle points of making it into the 2nd bracket. It's ok, I suppose if I could go 3-1 again it would be pretty good but I would really be happy with 2-2 today for several reasons. First off I am completely tired, I stayed up too late the two days I have been here already and I will admit that the day before kicked my butt. 4 games in one day while rushing around was a tough day I was pretty mentally tired personally. I also have no plan at all today, I am just here lol. I really think past my day one goal. I decide to let the first game set the tone of how the day might go. Also my apologies I didn't take any pictures day two.

Game one Vulkan Nulzone triple raider...

Yep. I draw my only loss day one as my first round day two.. I am already tired and normally I would be all about this so I could have a rematch. However in this case since this list is my worst match up I am all kinds of surprised. I mean what are the odds that I would get matched up vs the exact same guy like this? I laugh about it a bit and I prob could ask Mike to swap me since I am a little bummed I don't get to play 8 new people only 7 but I figure that's just how it broke down and I'll just play the game. There isn't much to really share, Since last time I threw everything at him and that didn't work out this time I try to do the opposite I stay away from  him and try to compete for quarters by not allowing him to kill much of my army. We play Cat and mouse while my shooting bounces off his raiders and I deny him the center area of board control. Highlights include one of his raiders immob itself. OH and his Terms assaulting my full squad of crushers and winning combat and wiping them out while taking no wounds. Something we laugh about as I tell him my dice like him better then me and this second game is proof. I tried to make the game a learning experience while I try out some random things but I should have just threw my army at him again and hoped the dice got lucky. I end up taking to the chin again and move on to round 2.

Game two BA jump spam

I am actually playing Mr. SPikey bits himself. He knows his stuff and plays his army well. I make a few mistakes this game. I misjudge his reach and he gets off some nice assaults. He also holds back and doesn't come at me full steam picking his battles pretty well as I position around and pick off a couple of his units. It's very clear that the changes I made to my list to better play DE and GK make me weaker vs BA. Something I hadn't really considered. His Special characters end up punching me in the face as his FNP marines laugh at my lack of rending in combat lol. It was a solid game and it was much closer than I thought it was going to be after I made the distance judgement mistake. He opted to not pile in and attempt to wipe my crushers in combat avoiding them since it looked like he was going to win without needing to take the chance. He was right to do so, he would have won either way. However to show how close the game ended up being if I had made a single 4plus save on my last turn we would have tied KP's, Tablequarters, and objectives. Then he would have beaten me on VP's.. The save meant he won Kp's and again this time my mistakes meant I took it on the chin.

Game three Vulkan Drop Pod army.

This army was really great looking. Amazingly painted and just a awesome to look at. This was my favorite game of the day as my opponent was really just a fun guy. We laughed back and forth while we played and I honestly felt bad this game. His dice just went cold. I didn't think my army was a good match up for him to start with but when his dice went cold it went down hill fast for him.. We end up calling it around turn 5 because it appears clear that I will be able to table him in the next turn. I don't personally enjoy winning because someone's dice fail them its not a fun way to win but it happens from time to time.

Game four BA IC army

My last round I played some guys from Aussie? They had traveled in to play the event and site see around D.C. for a bit. These guys where pretty awesome and being that we didn't have any hopes of winning anything we just played a fun game. He spent the game running away from my Crushers oddly, he really wanted nothing to do with them. I wasn't expecting that so I actually spread my forces out a little too thin. It was a fun game of back and forth though. This game again came down to a single dice roll. One marine held an objective and I shot my herald into him only causing one wound.. he ended up making his cover save and winning the game for my out of town opponent.

I had some close games and ended up 1-3 day two which is pretty bad lol. The games had been close though and really I don't mind losing when the games are close or when I know I made mistakes that's how you learn and get better right? (At least that's what I tell myself) I end up finishing someplace middle of the pack over all. I think 100th or something. I learned a ton, met a ton of cool people, and had a great time though. If I am able I will be back next year. My demon list has gotten a vast over haul having played this event and I don't have all the models I need to play what I want now. Story of my life. =P

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