Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Nova open day one quick game run downs.

So I trek across the country to boldly go where no one in my gaming group has gone before.. I then also set out to have fun and bring Demons to what turned out to be the most competitive event I have ever been too. So let's say I may have sat the bar a little high for being not a vet of the hobby to say the least. However I learned a ton which might have seemed obvious to you guys who have been playing this game for much longer than me. Now I will admit that I am super busy so I don't have time to practice or really comb over things as greatly as I should lol. So let's get into my games and my random list of WTF.

First off my goal is to take Demons to this top tier event and go 3-1 day one.. I figure that proves something at least to myself.. So I design a list that I can use with some flexibility VS DE and GK. Its not much to look at but I can use it well.. It plays toward the missions and not to kill you.. which I find out is a mistake. You see I didn't really compute something. For some odd reason I got it in my head that if I won missions that's all that mattered.. However the Nova like everything 40k is all about VP's it makes or breaks your rankings. Something I didn't realize for some reason.. I need to Kill as much stuff as possible but I built a list that wins missions without tabling people and learned quickly this is not a top table strategy lmao.. Live and learn right? Oh well..

I took this

3 zinch heralds with chariot bolt gaze and we are legion
2 units 6 fiends wtih unholy might
5 crushers with icon, rending, instru
4 units 5 horrors with bolt
1 unit plague bearers with icon
3 DPs mark of zinch bolt gaze
5 screamers

Its troop heavy and bolt heavy.. I dropped several things I normally take and didn't take Grinders because I felt Princes would fair better with terrain and meta.


Game one I match up against Sisters of battle.
Running a pretty standard sisters list with 3 random missile shot organs of death, some sister squads and some celestian squads or however you spell that. He was a Vet sister player he knew his dex and used his Faith points very well through out the game.

It was a objective game and it wasn't one sided. He made two mistakes IMHO he spread his army out too thin meaning I could attack parts of his army instead of the entire thing. He also was really protective of his organs for some reason.. I basically ignored his organs since my army doesn't care about Str 8 shooting and at took out his squads one at a time. My fiends did all the work in the game the two squads with the DP's as support caused most the damage to his army as I slowly took out bits of it. He played it well but he just spread out too far so he couldn't support himself mid game and couldn't recover from that.

Highlights included his HQ and girls charging and taking out a DP then consolidating onto a objective, then winning combat with some fiends that charge into them next turn.. It was pretty shocking to us both as we laughed about it.. Although he took that objective from me I then ignored that entire area and moved on to the rest of his army and the other objectives. I ended up winning this but over all like I said it was a fun game. Also the changeling for the first time ever worked as his melta squad shooting out a rhino got all confused and had to shoot a immo and ended up blowing the weapon off of it.

Game two was vs Vulkan. 

Not just Vulkan, just Vulkan I can handle what I actually matched up against was a list I never expected to see at the Nova and was pretty much kryptonite to my list. I had to face Vulkan/Nullzone triple land raider.. Which I basically have to get lucky to be able to beat. I was pretty shocked. Two squads of terms two tacs and some scouts, vulkan and libby. I don't know how well he did over all but his list was just nasty for the demons I brought. 

I basically throw my entire army at his dropping just outside nullzone and letting my shooting bounce off his list. My dice didn't help me and I don't want to blame dice but he was feeling bad mine where so bad this round. I couldn't actually hit the raider with a single bolt shot for three turns. Also my crushers uber failed at combat.. It appears Vulkan is a scary man to them. Highlight of the game was I Charged Vulkan with a full squad of 5 crushers and did zero wounds, Vulkan and the crushers stay in combat 3 rounds!! Then to add insult to injury Vulkan actually ended up winning combat and wiping the squad. I only killed one LR and not much else it wasn't a great game for the demons at all. Oh well. I tied the primary of table quarters and forced it to objectives but I wasn't focused on that and lost as I was trying to crack the raiders and control the table quarters instead of positioning my troops correctly. A mistake on my part. Great guy though.

So game 3 I am 1-1 and now the pressure is on for my to be able to go my 3-1 to hit my goal. I draw a GK player with a kind of random henchmen army. GK's are always a tough match up for demons but its do able so I buckle in and get ready to do it. He is running a handful of monkey squads, some psykers, storm raven full of deathcult and a techmarine, dreadknight, several dreads and some paly's. Its really a mash up of what is in the codex.  

The mission is KP however you have to win by 3 and despite my large MSU army I have never lost a KP mission since I have been playing demons by more than one. So I figure I'll push the tie and win on the secondary.. I play a reactive game and pretty much respond to his actions while I move around and again take out parts of his army bit by bit. He gets a little cocky mid game and spreads himself out thin much like the sisters player earlier and on turn 4 I am able to turn the tide around and by the end of 5 I have won KP's when the game ends. The list was random and he got cocky but GK's are always a hard match up for demons so I couldn't afford to make mistakes and I happen to pull this one out by sticking in there when things started to look bleak. 

Game four I match up against GK's again.. This time its a really solid list and its headed up by Deadshane from the 40k Wrecking crew. So I expect this will be a tough game. This is the type of list I have been practicing against though so I understand what his list does.. He is running 6 dreads, two strike squads, several chimera's with shooty nonsense inside. I was told by several people that Deadshane and the WC in general have a bad rep so I wasn't sure what to expect from this game.. Honestly this was a great game though, and I am sad I don't have more pictures of it as I was pretty focused on playing.. 

He castled up in the corned and then proceeded to tell me he doesn't respect my codex at all and thinks it sucks. We laugh about it and then I roll and get flipped on waves and we laugh about it some more. My plan is pretty simple, I need to bog him down in his castle, I need to use the terrain, and most importantly I plan to feed him units that he feels like he has to kill while I take out his mobility. As you can see in the picture above I drop troops on the objectives and hide them from TLOS he has range and tons of shooty so I want him to have to go through the rest of my army to actually contest or claim objectives. 

We play a really tight game of cat and mouse as I move around and pick off his vehicles and ignore his dreads. He basically destroys parts of my army every turn with his shooting as he carves out firing lanes and I reshift to deny him LOS to units I am protecting and hinder his mobility. His DCA come out and wreck my Bloodcrushers like paper dolls at one point which was interesting I was hoping they would tie them up a turn and hold some ground. My dice with them was bad all day though and sometimes that happens. 

We then have a issue come up that I don't think is either of our faults. It was a long day and we both are really tired. I hear them call time and I tell him that I think we are running short on time.. If the game ends early before he can make his play for the objectives than he will be hosed and I don't want to slow play him. So I point that out to him. We both then snap into over drive and wip through two turns pretty quickly and honestly since we think the game is near the end we play a bit sloppy. The problem is we then realize the next time they call time that we have time for one more turn. However even though its Gk's Vs Demons the game is really close.. How close you ask? It basically comes down to if the game stops now he wins, if we play out the next turn I will be able to win. However again we both thought the game was about over so we both feel a little odd about deciding what to do. having one more turn is unexpected and I don't feel right demanding it because of time. I don't want to win by slow playing him like I said before and I don't want to win if he feels cheated because we thought we had no time left.. We call over a judge that completely misunderstands what we are asking. We ask him to decide if the game should go on and he instead thinks we are asking for permission to go over on time. We end up having a third party dice off.. We give him one of each of our dice and he rolls them and I end up with one more turn and getting the Victory.. 

This was my favorite game of the day though I want to say it was very close and very intense the entire game. He was a great guy throughout we didn't have any real issues at all aside from the time thing. We even joked back and forth while playing. It was just a solid game of 40k and the reason I came to the event honestly. He even invited me back to hang with the wrecking crew for drinks afterwards. I couldn't make it because I ended up having to deal with some personal stuff before going to eat so I got back to late, but the invite was cool and the show of no hard feelings from another competitive player was nice. 

I ended up going 3-1 Day one and hit my goal!! I was in the 3rd bracket because of my low Vp's though something I will adjust for at future events.There was 16 brackets over all so really I felt like I did pretty well day one. 


  1. Congrats on reaching your goal! That's what I do at tour ies and hey even if you get roflstomped but reach your goal it's worth it!

  2. Great job man! I didn't know you were there or I would have said hi!

  3. I played Deadshane a few yaers ago at Adepticon and had a really good game with him then. His reputation proceded him from the internet stuff, we laughed about it and then proceded to pound each other with triple land raider lists.His was Daemonhunters and mine was CSM. 90 las cannon shots later we were heading for a draw with all of our landraiders still intact. I didn't want a draw, took a chance in the last turn it didn't work and I lost.

  4. @Julian Thanks man I felt good hitting my mark.

    @Spag Congrats go to you as well who I hear did amazing! Don't worry man I'll catch you guys at a event sooner or later, or maybe even talk the wife into let me come down for one of your events.

    @ Warmonger Deadshane was a cool guy and I was surprised, he admitted he tends to talk trash just to get a rise out of people online though lol. I can't believe you guys used to go to Adpeticon how come no one goes now?

  5. We went for three years when we were members of the Hellfish. First year we placed 14th in the team tourney with Necrons! Surprised everybody. The last year before the schedule change I think Edge placed in the top 10 in the 40k championship. But since they changed the schedule from team on Sat. and championship on Sun. to it's current event schedule it just became to much with having to take more vaca time and the additional expense of at least another nights stay. We have been looking for another event and have been considering Nova.

  6. The team trio tourney is a awesome format and I really like how they did that at the Nova. The Nova is also fun because its competitive. However team event is on Friday then the two day event. So your actually having to stay more days at Nova than you would at Adepticon but you are now dealing with D.C area Pricing for your casual expenses on top of things.

    I would say Adepticon over all would be the cheaper trip money wise.

  7. Not that concerned about the team tourney. I always used that as a fun warm up for the 40K championship so it would be just Sat. and Sun. at Nova.


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