Sunday, September 25, 2011

Gk some initial progress

So I took the time to do a rough up of the first Razorback of many. Since I am planning to run Coteaz I will of course need several of these things, but I normally like to do a test model to get a idea of what I am doing and how hard/easy it will be to do several of them. I decided I wanted to add some iconography instead of having to hand paint them on so this is what I have so far.

This is actually the first rhino/razorback I have ever built which is prob odd to most of you reading this since the game is basically ruled by metal boxes of safety at the moment and it appears almost everyone has a marine army of some type. The icons are pressed in green stuff from the Forge World Land Raider kit. I really like the icons from that and I figured I would attempt to make them using green stuff for most the vehicles if not all of them in the army. I also still need to drill out the guns and the exhaust bitz. 

I also made some inquisitor Icons that I may add  as well I haven't decided just yet.

I will be attempting to do the process again and then deciding if it is realistic enough for me to do in mass for the entire army or not. Also I just about have a list I am happy with I'll post some list and unit thoughts on the codex in the near future. As always any comments or feedback on the model are welcome. 


  1. The icons look great C!
    I might have to commission some off of you...

  2. Thanks guys hopefully the next batch come out better and are easier to do. =)

    @ Edge I'll prob have a few extra's when I am all done I'll talk to you about it at ML con.


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