Friday, September 16, 2011

ForgeWorld Dark Eldar Tantalus and Land Raider Proteus

Two more models or sneak peaks that you can pick up at GamesDay. It seems like Forgeworld is on a quest to give us reasons to go to GamesDay next year. I have no problem with that.

Dark Eldar Tantalus

Land Raider Proteus


  1. no, please no! i have not truly been tempted for years, but that Land Raider is amazing!!

  2. Well, I love both models but that Tantalus is a MUST HAVE!

  3. @ LuckyNo.5 well sir that is awesome to hear because I want to see it painted to match your army. =)

  4. oh no that Tantalus makes me wish I picked Dark Eldar instead of eldar for my second army! I hope if we have another games day after the one next week we can get these in Australia!


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