Monday, September 19, 2011

40k Brain dump

Random post of just things going on for me. I don't normally do a ton of "this is your life" posts like other bloggers do but sometimes it's warranted I think. Sometimes you just need to brain dump all the nonsense in your head and see what it looks like and this is a good place to dump my 40k nonsense. 

Nova after thoughts

So after going to the Nova I have a totally new respect for terrain and how it effects the game. I always thought this was a big deal before but having the Nova crew go above and beyond to provide LOS blocking terrain in large quantity at a event really drove this home. I changed my normal demon list and instead took something I thought would be more terrain friendly and instead I should have just gone with what I normally play. While I don't think I did horrible since I was able to hit my goal of going 3-1 day one. I really think that with the terrain being what it was I would have been fine running soul grinders as I originally had planned. Not only would DS mishap not really been an issue because of the type of terrain that was there but I would have been able to get cover saves like they are on sale 10 for 10 dollars at the local grocery store. Armor 13 with a cover save is pretty good. The Soul Grinders balance the demon list I feel since it gives you the ability to kill LR and some strong shooting the army lacks. The other thing Nova did was make me consider wanting to run my own little RTT locally to give back and do something else positive for the local community. I think I will work towards the goal of running my first event in the near future. 

Grey Knights

So I am playing around with different builds and I have to say I like the codex because it has options I think. I don't really like some play styles for example I won't be going paladin heavy all respect to Blackmoore and all its just not something I can really see myself playing. I read the book and am I sure I will end up with Coteaz as my core. Honestly I was surprised because he initially rules wise struck me as important to the book offering low cost solutions in a pricey book but also giving access to more melta which the book is limited on. The surprise for me was I really liked his fluff as well and would really want to run him regardless because the whole I am MOB that hunts evil thing is pretty BOSS so to speak. the core is close to the same depending on what blog you jump to online with coteaz that is. I personally feel that again after playing with the army options you almost need to take melta on a few of the acolyte squads since you don't have much access to it other places. I don't have a solid list just yet because I am torn between some options still as I play around with it. However since I am pretty sure I will be running 6 psybacks to start and at least two dreads of some kind that gives me a ton to build while I make up my mind on the list. So I suppose no real rush. I am sure once I have a list I like I will post it up here and allow the Internets to tear it bits and show me the error of my ways. =P 

I am about done with my first test model though for my psybacks so we will see how that turns out. I'll post some pictures and as always welcome any feedback or thoughts. It has taken a bit longer than I thought to clean up the green stuff I was playing around with for the model. We will see how it ends up coming out though. 


So the next event I will have time to sneak away from the wife and kids and make it too will no doubt be our local club event for club members in Oct. I will prob bring my semi half painted ork army lol. I just can't bring myself to ever go back and finish painting the thing. I normally play it when I want a break from demons. The club event is a ladder event though and you start at 750 points and I think the last round you end at 1750 or 1850 I'll have to look. I want to say its four games with some fun missions and a potluck. Just a chance to throw some dice with friends and make a day of it. So at some point I need to dig up my orks and see what I have to work with to make some lists for each points level . =P 

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