Thursday, August 18, 2011

Skaven Forgeworld, NovaOpen, Necrons Scarabs

Its the friday after ard boys and all through the house..... wait.. that's a poem we don't have to rhyme here. So lets just say that if your reading this you made it through the week!!! CONGRATS!!! You have the next two days to party and not do work/school stuff. (unless you work the weekend then ummmm... hurray for whatever day you do get off?)

First off there was no Emperor's Chosen post this week and I know what your thinking. Drkmorals you are a slacker good sir. However there is a method to my madness and more info to come on that. For now let's check on the word on the street this week.

First off Forgeworld decided that Skaven could use some awesome models. I am guessing that one of the brain trust at FW was staring at the Ork player painting his awesome FW Ork stuff while painting his skaven army and was completely jealous and complained that he didn't have any Skaven shaped resin crack he could brag about to his friends.. So his good buddies in sculpting hooked him up!!! (This could be false and they just thought cool rat shaped models would make money..FW likes money)


"Epitomising the lithe, twitching paranoia of their smaller rat-kin in a way no natural creature should, the Exalted Vermin Lord is a cyclopean fiend of unnatural size and power. Crouched atop a ruined pillar etched with the scratch-script of the Underfolk, with chunks of warpstone and the runes of its summoning embedded into its loathsome, squamous hide, the Exalted Vermin Lord clutches an immense, gnarled Doom Glaive in one palsied claw."


"When the beastmasters of Clan Moulder spawn a pack of Giant Pox Rats, there is occasionally one among them who will brutally devour the rest of the brood, growing fat and bloated in both strength and savagery, the twisted forms of its kin still visible as they writhe and claw at their fleshy prison. The so-called Skaven Brood Horrors are traded with the wealthier Skaven Clans for many thousands of slaves and warp-tokens for use as a war-mount by especially powerful or ostentatious Skaven warlords, or goaded into battle to flail and crush the foe beneath their clawed limbs."

The models like pretty much everything that FW makes look amazing and would be a great to add to any Skaven army. Now lets cross our fingers the guy in the FW office with the sisters army is completely jealous and someone hooks him up I mean at least if the rules are messed up after they are done in WD there could be some cool new models to make you feel better.

As the Necrons get closer (DROID!!!) I can't help but think that these rumors have to be getting more and more close to what we actually will get. The newest rumor shows that Scarabs will be able to eat armor value that stays gone the rest of the game. Basically your metal boxes of safety are now M and M's to this army Hard candy shell with more melty goodness in side. (Yeah that's right, I made a pun about all the melta guns in the army's lol) I am thinking that the robots will be the anti vehicle army more and more as I read them. That they are sounding like they maybe designed to eat Mech.. Giving the Meta game one more really good kick before 6th edition is at our doorstep like a new puppy waiting for us to take it in.

Finally I want to shout out the NovaOpen tourny that is going to be at the end of the month. Last year I heard nothing but good stuff about this event and I will be there on site this year. Although it appears that everyone online is trying to go to this event. All the internet Tough guys and such, although since I am not a celeb or a internet tough guy I am pretty sure I will be able to blend into the crowd with my NINJA powers!!!! However if you do run into me feel free to chat me up. I am bringing some free dice for the people I play which is tradition for me now. If you hit me up and I have any extra's I'll give ya couple that say Emperor's codex on the 6 side. I am really looking forward to the event personally and plan on having a blast and hopefully meeting a ton of people and putting more names to faces like I did at Adepticon. Also I plan on taking a ton of pictures and reporting back here with my insight and random jokes on everything that went down.

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