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Sisters WD act of faith thoughts

Look I wrote an article again! I know it’s been a bit of a break since I wrote an actual article because of the bother of “the real world” always getting in the way. No I don’t mean “jersey shore ver 1.0” I mean the actual real world.  I haven’t been able to write articles like I was in the past, however today I want to talk about sisters a bit. The sisters in WD to be more exact and not the one you may or may not be related too that your parents shower with money to help ease the pain of day to day life. (BUT MOM I can’t afford a Burberry Diaper bag and pay the electric bill!!! ) No I want to talk about how they tricked me into buying a new WD something I haven’t done in a long time.

WD Codex sisters of battle might just be proof that when you give some old wargamer’s a group of girls they have no idea what to do with them.  First off the Nuns with Guns are not as faithful as they once had been for some reason. It could be the stock reports GW released the last year, it could be that Michael Moore has made a documentary about the false emperor but whatever the reason they now only get D6 Faith points per game turn it appears. This makes the special rules for them not scale up well at first glance since no matter the size of the game you still only get one roll on the chance square. (which sounds insane for say a Apoc game?)

They also gave the entire army shield of faith, because if you have blind faith in the golden throne there is a one in six chance you will be spared..? Yeah a 6++ save is kinda lame sauce trust me I am a demon player and a 5++ is lame sauce. There is a reason people bring those shields on terms and its not because it makes the hammers look cooler. The only positive thing is that the vehicles get it as well. So once in a awhile your shot will bounce off the faithful vehicle!!! Its not great but its something, also just a note since its a save you also get to attempt to make that save for CC attacks just like the DE get to.

I won't touch on the units since not many new units show up and not a whole lot changes. The army is still only toughness 3 because girls aren't as tough as boys. Although we all know a few guys that aren't tough and can scream like a girl. Plus the book lacks the points costs which is pretty important but lets get to this part later I want to mention the units acts of faith real quick like.

Now the units in the army each have a unique act of faith they are catty girls and don't share them among the army. However if you have a IC with a unit they will act civil and benefit/pass on the acts of faith to the squad and the reverse they have manners after all. To get your faithful act to work you must pass a 5plus save with one of your D6 attempts you randomly have been given at the start of your turn. You get some modifiers though.

+1 if management is around. (Your squad is led by a sister superior or such)
+1 if upper management is around (basically a IC)
+1 if a death has put the fear of the emperor in them and they pray harder. (the unit has suffered a casualty)

These stack so just like at work if your boss is there and his boss is there, and they kill the guy next to you for slacking off. You tend to be more focused.

The Units with acts.


Act of Faith = The Passion – Assault Phase: Canoness and her unit receives +1I and Preferred Enemy special rule until the end of the Assault phase.
-Preferred enemy is nice if you live to your turn since you aren't a assault army really the extra attacks and wounds will help. The init bonus isn't amazing since most the army is init 3 base so your swinging at the same time in most cases giving you a chance I suppose. This act is stack-able with whatever the units act is though.. **shrug I suppose that's something.

Sororitas Command Squad
Act of Faith = Endless Crusade – Movement Phase: Unit gains Relentless and Move Through Cover special rules until the end of the turn.
I like the ability to gain more movement on anything in the game there may be a time the move through cover really comes in handy.

Battle Sisters

Act of Faith = Light of the Emperor – Movement Phase: Unit immediately regroups, despite any normal restrictions (enemy within 6”, less than 50%).

Shooting and Assault Phase: Unit can re-roll any failed To Hit rolls of a 1 until the end of the phase.

This Act of Faith can be used in two or more phases if you choose but each attempt costs 1FP and requires a Test of Faith

-Look at that you get two acts with your troops. The ability to regroup is really cool I think. It means that your opponent can't ignore your troops even when fleeing. There is a chance they could regroup and still be something that must be dealt with.

The reroll and failed one's is a such a "buggy power." It might be useful if you have nothing better to use your faith points on in a turn but nothing amazing. The ability to regroup is stronger IMHO


Act of Faith = Hand of the Emperor – Assault Phase: +1S and Fearless until the end of the phase
-I'll be honest I don't really get this one. The unit is only Str 3 base so at best I can see this helps you survive and keep someone locked in combat?

Sister Repentia
Act of Faith = Spirit of the Martyr – Assault Phase: Models killed may make a single attack once all other attacks have been resolved.
-I am also not sure how great this is.. I guess getting some attacks before you die is better than nothing but I would have hoped for some better act of faith for this unit that in the past already needed some help, free models, and basically a dare before people would field them.

Fast Attack

Act of Faith = The Emperor’s Deliverance – Shooting Phase: Re-roll any failed To Wound rolls until the end of the phase.
-The ability to do more wounds on things you don't want to charge.. is pretty good since you prob don't want to charge many things with this army if you can help it. Sisters still don't strike me as HTH experts.


Act of Faith = Holy Fusillade – Shooting Phase: All weapons in unit becomes twin-linked until the end of the phase
-If this works this can help the scouts when alpha striking something, but not overly great just kind of meh at first glance to me.

Heavy Support

Act of Faith = Divine Guidance – Shooting Phase: All weapons in unit become Rending until the end of the phase
-This isn't going to be amazing in fact I am not sure how often this will be overly helpful beyond a hailmary pass. It does mean you can load out all heavy bolters and use this to take out light vehicles but until we see points costs we really can judge this ability.

The reality is like two and half men without Charlie Sheen we don't have the complete show. Without the points costs and the other information what we have here is just a preview of things to come. I am hoping points costs come way down after looking at what they did give us and I do see the "Irony" of making the all metal super pricey army a horde build from this point on. I like the sisters fluff and I might go ahead and put something together anyway. I do expect some surprises in the next release although I am not saying they will be all good. It might take an "Act of Faith" to make this something you can actually play in a tourney and GW hasn't been rolling box cars lately with sisters of battle related things so don't hold your breath.


  1. As you said - its point dependent. However a quick prediction of the new army...

    Heavy Support and Seraphim. Canoness helps you in the eventual melee. Add in the required Battle Sister Troops and only ever play it at 1500 points or less! :o)

  2. just one point that i read on anther post. although a lot of people have been moaning about the D6 faith points not scaling (you get the same number if you play 400 points or 4000, which is terrible game design, if taken at face value), we have no idea what any of the wargear options do.

    the simulcrum imperialis, the laud hailers etc, might well give more faith points, make it easier to pass faith tests, or any number of things which could balance this out. it would actually be a fantastic way to scale faith.

    regardless, as you rightly point out, we simply cannot get up in arms about this until we have the full picture.

  3. Thanks for checking in guys and commenting. There are so many theories we can still throw around and it can be fun. =) I agree the wargear may change several things and I have read a few places that the Organ of death might be taking a nerf in the next update but again we will have to wait and see.

    The goal was to do a fun article that wasn't uber complaining like so many others online are doing. So many places I just hear about how horrible it is now and how they messed up. Sometimes its nice to hear that while its not amazing its not horrible too and really we need to wait and see how its all going to shape up.

    If nothing changes than we may be stuck trying to play games below 1500 points with the girls though lol.

  4. I'm really, truly interested to see points costs. If we see power armour below 10pts a model that could be a "big deal." True story.

  5. Nice break down on the Acts of Faith, while dependent yet on point values for over all usefulness still a nice outline of them over all.

  6. Thanks warmonger the fate of the nuns is withing the next WD lets hope it comes out positive. =)


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