Friday, August 26, 2011

NovaOpen Friday random picture dump

Arrived here this afternoon and watched part of the invitational and checking in as the team tourney was going on as well. So far it looks like a pretty cool event and a fun time. Several people seem to know each other and really its a who's who of internet names throwing dice and playing today.

Warstore, Spikey bits, and battle foam are onsite offering deals and selling their wares.

I took some random pictures of the games while wondering around. Some of the armies are pretty easy to recognize from other blogs. 

I'll keep the pictures coming through out the weekend as I am wondering about. I am playing in the GT tomorrow so I will hopefully have pictures of my games if nothing else. Although if I get rofflestomped I'll have free time to take pictures of the games going on. If your here I'm the Asian guy wondering around with the camera feel free to say hi. =P

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